Friday, February 27, 2009

Reply to comment on my previous post on Emma's wrist

I would like to respond to the comment I received on the previous post. You are right I am blessed with so much, and I appreciate you reminding me of that fact. But I too at this time was having a health issue that I don't care to discuss and It just felt like more than I could handle alone. I reminded myself continually during this time that God would not give me more than I could handle, and that going through this kind of a dark moment only brings us closer to him. In sharing my true feelings on this blog I realize I become vulnerable. But if it also helps someone else who may be going through a similar circumstance or informs people, then I will continue to do so. I started my blog to remember every detail about our adoptions and to let my family see what was going on. But since then it has become so much more. It is a record of my girls lives since we have been fortunate enough to be their parents. We love our daughters very much and do feel so blessed. We know that we have worked hard for what we have both our family and our marriage. This was not just something that happened. I will accept your comment in the manner in which you gave it, to remind me to look at all the blessings that I have. But I am only human and feel hurt and pain. Vicki


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't take my comment wrong. I pray for you and your family with gratitude. I am so thankful that there are those like you in this world that can rescue children. I myself cannot because of multitude or reasons. The main one, as a cancer survior; I'm not qualified! And I am always so grateful for one more child of God spreading the word and acknowledging their faith in this world. And please don't change anything! I was only, as a sister in Christ, giving a shout out to you that you can also look at each trial in a different light. The silver lining way I guess. Which you did in a way when you spoke of the wonderful treatment Emma received at the beach house hospital. Sometimes my fingers fly faster than my brain. I admire you and your family for the brave step you took in faith to expand your family. I admire that you traded your empty nest for all of the wonders of the terrible twos and the ferocious fours. As an empty nester, you could have turned your lifestyle to me, me, me. Instead you opened your heart and home to a whisper from God. So please, I'm sorry if I offended you. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer and will add your health needs too. Keep bloggin and keep sharing. There is a reason for it. And it is a wonderful gift that you are giving your children when you archive their childhoods. Just remember the mantra...If He leads me to it He will lead me through it. I've been known to repeat that to myself over and over to get to the other side.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,

I just have to de-lurk to let you know how much I like your blog and appreciate your posts. I started following your blog when we were going to adopt from China and I have kept following ( We ended up adopting from Guatemala). Anyway, I find your girls just adorable and I've gotten some really good ideas on how to keep our two year old busy (first time mom here). Anyway, I would have been very upset if my daughter had a seizure and exhibited the symptoms you described. I would have been very upset...especially if I was alone. Sounds like you did a great job and I don't think that comment was very nice at all. I hope you keep blogging. I really enjoy following your girls' lives

Mary in Arizona

Tamara said...

I am sorry that someone would post a negative comment on your blog. With all that you have gone through in the last few weeks anyone would feel a little overwhelmed. I hope that Emma and Meilynn are both feeling better- and that the cast is not driving Emma to crazy. When our son (Ogre) was 4 years old it, I felt the same way- it was one medical disaster after another for him-complete with broken arm.
I agree with the blog- I wanted to make sure the Moose and Goose had as much information about their adoptions as possible- and now I feel like they will have almost a day to day record of their lives growing up. I would love to have that information.
I hope that you are feeling better to- things always feel more overwhelming when you don't feel good- especially when you are the glue that holds it all together.
Your blog is beautiful- and it is a pleasure to read. Don't let one bad egg get you down.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. I look forward to them and I really relate to your posts. Over the last few years you have given me ideas, some laughs, and most important to me a sense of ... its goning to be just fine. A rough patch is normal and I know its helps to talk or write about it. It is a normal and healthy thing to do. So yes you are lucky...I am lucky.. but we all have difficult times.
Vent all you want sister. You are entitled!
With Hugs,
Soraida mom to Nicole,Jacqueline,Mia and Jayden