Sunday, October 12, 2008

Terrific to Terrible Three

P.S.  This is how she looked after the ordeal
Today was my turn to be the Mommy that was looked at with so many different faces.  From faces of pity to disdain, to compassion, to embarrassed and on and on.  What might you ask provoked these people to react to me this way?  Well I am sure that most of you have been here at least once.  It was the little monster that likes to appear at the most inappropriate times.  Today he visited Emma.  
Mike went up to Big Bear to ride his motorcycle so I had one of those days where I spend doing little things with the girls that they like.  We had a slow start to the day just taking our time.  The girls love to fix my hair so we spent a lot of time playing beauty shop doing my hair, make-up and nails.  My plan was to take the girls to Barnes and  Noble where I needed to purchase a book for a retreat that I am going on soon.  The girls love to go there and read books and play with the train set.  I then planned to treat them to lunch (which is especially a treat for me because I don't have to prepare it or clean it up). After that if everything was going smooth I wanted to buy a few Halloween decorations.  Emma is so afraid of everything surrounding Halloween that I thought it might be nice to get a few non scary decorations.  I have these at home but they are all impossible to get to with our remodel going on!
So we packed up in the car and headed for the bookstore.  We went to find my book and on the way over to the children's area Emma pushed Meilynn.  I told Emma that when we got to the children's section she would have a time out first and then she could play with the train set.  This upset her but she finally took the time out and then she was able to go to the train table with Meilynn.  I usually wander very close by looking at the books.  No sooner did I turn away when they were both fighting about something.  That was it.  I took both of their hands and said we are leaving since you cannot get along.  Meilynn cried and took my hand but Emma started throwing a fit.  This is when the stares started.  I started to walk away and thank goodness she followed though throwing a fit and screaming while she followed.  Now I had to decide whether to just pick her up and leave or purchase my book.  I didn't know when I would be able to get back so I decided to go ahead.  Well big mistake,  in line things only got worse.  She was lying on the ground screaming.  Both of the girls are just getting over colds so she had snot all over her face.  And guess what?  I didn't have any Kleenex.  I finally did something I have never done before.  I had too.  Snot bubbles were coming out of her nose!  I took my hand and wiped her face and then wiped it on her jeans!  Gross!  Everybody was looking at me.  Finally a nice lady offered me a Kleenex which I gratefully accepted.  Of course the line was long and only got longer as this fit continued.  I was able to distract for a minute when we passed a cute panda bookmark.  By now she was wanting me to carry her but this is always a problem with two.  Because then Meilynn would want me to carry her and she was the one obeying but I would be carrying the one who was not!  So I told her I cannot carry you.  She was holding on to my leg and screaming again.  Through the parking lot people were looking at me like I was doing something to my children.  Finally we make it to the car where I inform the  girls that we will not be going to lunch and  anywhere else.  Emma cried the whole way home!  They are now eating lunch and then I am taking them straight to bed!
I just needed to vent somewhere.  I am not sure what provoked such behavior.  When I look back at it, we did have a day yesterday with no naps.  We were visiting relatives from Italy.  Then the girls got to bed very late.  They are both at the end of colds.  Maybe it was watching Nanny 911 this morning.  I have never seen the show but while getting ready I was watching it.  Maybe seeing all that bad behavior provoked it.  I will never  really know I guess.  Probably just a combination of all of those things.   One thing I know is that I don't want that to happen again.  I can't really remember that happening with my older daughters but I have seen other people going through that before.  As a bystander I would offer a Kleenex if I had one and hope that my expression said you are doing a great job I have been there and it will soon be over.  I don't have a picture and you would not have wanted to see it.  I am sure that everyone around me was uncomfortable.  The other day we went to the Zoo and passed a little boy in a stroller who was squealing and generally just being happy.  I heard this old lady say, " Why don't they shut that kid up!  That is what is wrong with parents today."  I couldn't believe it.  We were at the Zoo!  And this kid was just exited!  So I am sure there were people at the bookstore that thought I had no control.
I will leave you with this picture I took in the car the other day.  Meilynn was asleep so only Emma and I were able to share this awesome moment.  We were talking about how pretty it was and how awesome it was.  A few days after we saw it Emma said to me, "  Mommy, do you remember that awesome rainbow we saw the other day?"


Mel said...

Vicki, you're a good mommy...we all have those days. I had one with my two girls Thursday...I thought I would lose my mind. We're in the east...whatever caused it must have taken a couple of days to get out to you! Take a deep breath, vent all you want and remember we've all been through it. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I second the previous poster. we have all been through this at one time or another. It's how you react to these aweful times that make a difference to our children.
mom to 4 girls

Anonymous said...

Your a great Mom, you did a good job the way you handled this little crisis, the girls will know Mommy means what she says.
Love Mom

Tori said...

I am one of "those moms" more often than I thought possible. And I have a pretty good kid, so you have two angels and you are doing a great job! You have me beat on the snotty hand to jeans bit though. Loved it!


Suzanne said...

I stumbled across your blog when googling "pottery barn christmas stockings".

I love this post. It happens to every parent! You can never judge, can you? LOL. I think it's great you followed through with what you were doing. Life still needs to go on, plus those other people at the book store needed a good story to tell over dinner :).