Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beach Days

Well just a little update.  Thanks so much for all of the support on my tantrum day!  It really helps to hear from you.  We did have another little incident at the playground on a no nap day but it passed very fast.  At the beach house that we are staying at during the rest of the remodel there are mailboxes grouped together down the street.  These just so happen to be right in front of the playground so I usually let the girls play for a short while when we go get the mail.  On this day Emma decided that she wanted to climb up the slide.  There were other kids there so it was dangerous to do this.  I told her not to and she still wanted to do it.  I asked her not to again and then she started telling me,  " You are not doing what I say!"  "You are not making me happy."  I have a hard time keeping a straight face when she uses my words against me and not quite in the right context.  I said,  You do not talk to mommy like that and that we were leaving because of her not minding.  She then started the crying and the No's.  I picked up her bike and took them both home.  I think that she is learning that Mommy means it.  On a side note I do have a difficult time with the no going up the slide issue but it is really for her safety.  I think it is fun to climb up it too, but she is too young to know if someone is coming down.  It is one of those covered slides.  Also when she does get to school there is always a no going up the slide rule.
On a cute note  the other day Meilynn and Emma were playing with my Mom.  My Mom had brought out the old Tinker Toys.  When my Mom said that they were going to play Tinker Toys  Meilynn's little mind began working and she blurted out to my Mom that she wanted to play with the Monkey toys.  This is only funny if you have seen what they are going to be for Halloween.  Emma is going to be Tinkerbell and Meilynn a Monkey.
I am posting a few pictures from the last two weeks that I didn't put in yet.  I love my little girls and the joy and meaning they give to our lives.  Enjoy!
Meilynn at Newport Dunes.  We went to visit my sister there while Mike was in Costa Rica. They were camping there for the weekend.
On the teeter totter with Meilynn Grace Shiyue
Meilynn driving the ship Emma on the slide I love how I caught Emma thinking and Meilynn so aware of me Meilynn on her bike Checking to make sure that Mommy was following Two beauties My sister Debbie with Emma Emma loves to swing We tried to find a pumpkin patch down here in San Diego like at home.  We found this one but not what we are used to at all. I was trying to get a cute picture of both girls but Emma wouldn't go up here If you remember, Emma is afraid of things that look like humans but are not.  The Scarecrow did its job and scared her.  So Meilynn poses for me but can't figure out why her sister won't
Dancing outside the Beach House door They finally can wear 2t.  It's a good thing they have an adjustable waist or they would be down around their ankles. Love these fun outfits from Children's Place.  Mike thinks they are funky Emma's new stance.  We often find her with her hands on her hips.


Lori Lynn said...

I love those outfits from Children's Place! They have fantastic prices and good quality items. When items are on sale, the prices are amazing!

Cute girls too!

Lori W
who does NOT work for Children's Place

Anonymous said...

Love your outfits. grandma loves her girls. Sounds like mommy has the girls knowing who mommy is.