Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year early in Los Angeles with the local FCC. We did this last year with Emma and this year we got to take both girls plus their big sister, Kami. It was in China Town in Los Angeles. When the girls are a little older I would like to take them there for the day. Meilynn was very excited to be wearing her special Chinese Dress. The girls are recognizing all things Chinese now. We even had a star sighting at our banquet. We saw the woman Dr. from ER that walks with the limp on that show. She has adopted a daughter from China. I kept looking at her thinking that I knew her personally and then I realized who she was. I think her name is Laura Innes. She played the part of Kerry Weaver.Meilynn loves wearing her Chinese New Year Dress!Emma wants make-up just like Mommy. She is definitely a girly girl. She loves pretty things and sparkles.Showing off their dresses (and Emma showing off a little more)Blowing kissesTrying to get the impossible, a picture of both of the girls looking my way and smiliing.Emma showing her dressMeilynn looking pretty. We had a great time at Chinese New Year. Except for when the lion dancer came in. Emma was scared to death and Meilynn did this funny thing with her arms. She put them over her head and kept them there the whole time.The lion dancer that most kids loved.Meilynn could tolerate it but did this funny thing with her hands.Meilynn with her hands over her headThis is how I had to hold Emma when the Lion Dancer first came in.She would finally take a peek, but was so scared Of course Meilynn loved the dessert Having fun at the party. Emma saw someone whistle like this and tried to do it too. Yum, fortune cookies. Meilynn having a good time.
We found out something we did not know about Meilynn. She LOVES hot tea. She must have had it in China. She knew exactly how to drink it and drank at least 3 glasses and would have had more if I had let her. Mommy has room for both of us on her lap Here they are with Kami just after the Lion Dance. There was also a raffle and we won the Year of the Rat basket. It had some DVD's in it featuring rats and also a big remote control rat. You know how Emma feels about remote controlled things. I am sure we will not let her near it! On the acutal Chinese New Year we went to a local Chinese resturant. We met a family that was waiting. They also had a daughter from China (Hunan) just like Meilynn. They are waiting for a son from Chongqing, just like Emma. What a small world. They invited us to eat with them and their friends who also had adopted two daughters from China. We had a great time getting to meet them and hope to join in their play group.


Jessie said...

Delurking to wonder if there is some memory with a lion dancer from China?

They are beautiful.

Ray and Heather said...

looks like a great time!! the girls are just beautiful as always! love those dresses! Meilynn is sure showing off how adventurous she is lately isn't she?!

missy said...

Oh my, these are the cutest pictures!!! I LOVE their little dresses. You have such darling little girls.

cristie said...

Hi Poma family!
You do not know me, however, we followed your blog to Emma. I was scrolling through some of my "favorites" links on an old computer in our house and saw your blog. I thought ... HMMMM ... I wonder how that precious Emma is. As I was watching your journey, we were awaiting our referral of our daughter, Maliah, who came home in September of 06. Anyways, to my wonderful surprise, I see that you now have TWO amazingly beautiful almond eyed girls. What DOLLS Emma and Meilynn are together! You are one blessed Mommy!
Can't wait to see what happens next!
In Him
Cristie Martine