Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trouble times Two!

There has been some really interesting conversation on my Yahoo Group, Virtual Twins from China. Someone wrote in about how hard it was to take care of two and how they tend to get into twice as much trouble as one. And then someone else wrote back basically saying that you need to have better control of your kids. Well having raised two girls to adulthood and now two that are the same age I can tell you there is a big difference. I have to have my eyes on them at all times and even when trying to do that they still manage to get by me. Here is just one little example. I was in the kitchen making breakfast and they were not but 3 yards from me only they were on the other side of the bar so I could not see them. This happened in only a matter of seconds.{Notice that it is Meilynn who is in the purse first! } Hey Emma lets get into Mommyy's purse! Ok, there might be some fun stuff in here. I will just run over here for a minute so you are the one who will get caught! Score!!!! We can pay with this!
Emma seems to get in to more things but I am finding out that maybe Meilynn is the ringleader sometimes.
Oh and then there was this moment I caught of them sweeping Daddy's car! WE have decided that the girls are not going to learn table manners if they are not at the table with us. So I cleared off the table and am trying to not eat at the bar which was always so convenient. We hope to model good habits so they will imitate them instead of throwing their finished plates on the ground! Just having some sister fun after baths!
A big kiss for my sister!
Here we are still trying to perfect the "two" Meilynn is getting it! There are actually moments of sharing! We love hairbands
Our first craft day at the Toy Store near us. We made mommy kangaroos and their baby joeys. Afterwards we went to a fun pizza place with games with my Mom's best friend, Julie and her daughter Samantha. They taught us how to play skee ball WE had so much fun!
It was hard to get the ball up the ramp. We could play on one quarter all day!
I don't think we obeyed the rules!


Lisa M. said...

Delurking to say I love your blog (you keep up with it AND the girls, impressive!). Your girls are so cute. I can't wait until mine finally comes home.

Ray and Heather said...

There can be no question that you have your hands full with those two cuties!! But they are so darn cute! We need to make the move to the dining room table as well, Julia does well when we are out to eat, but we have been too lax about it at home. Mama's fault, it's just not as convenient, but then neither is cleaning up, so I guess there is that:)

Lilly said...

They are just so precious!!

Jewel4dug said...

This was such a fun day. Especially when the worker scolded us for the kids running up the skee ball lanes Ha Ha Ha!! Sam and I had so much fun. I love these babies!!!!!
Julie S