Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why it takes so long to do the breakfast dishes!

The angelic faces!
This morning as I attempted to do the morning dishes, and there were really not that many, I started thinking about how long it takes me to get that small amount of dishes done. And then it started. The reason it takes so long to do the breakfast dishes.
It all starts with getting the girls out of their highchairs. I get Emma out of her highchair only to discover that she has poured her water all over the top so when I take it off water splatters all over the wood floor. So I finish cleaning her up and begin cleaning the floor, but then Meilynn is screaming to get out of her highchair. So I let her out and stack up the trays by the sink. I get the floor clean and then I head into the kitchen. But here comes Emma who has taken her diaper off along with her pajamas. So I take her over and put a clean one on. So of course Meilynn decides that she also wants hers off. But she wants to sit on the potty. So now of course Emma wants to sit on the potty so off comes the diaper I have just put on. So the girls are now sitting happily on their potties, but I know better than to walk off. From experience I know that if I walk off and Meilynn goes then Emma will cheer for her and try to wipe Meilynn and then dump her potty and will probably miss. So I wait as they read their magazines (learned this from Mom). Meilynn is successful, as usual, and Emma cheers for her, but checks her potty, and says "No". She still has no clue how to make it come out, but she likes to try. So now I clean everyone's bottoms and re-diaper. I head off to the kitchen to begin to tackle the dishes. I get the water in the sink and have to break up a fight over a book. We have a milion books but there is a fight over one. I go back into the kitchen when Emma comes in and I smell the smell that lets me know that it is time for another diaper change! So off for that change. I get back into the kitchen and get a few dishes done when Meilynn comes in with the same smell. So back for another diaper change! Back into the kitchen and a few more dishes done and Emma comes in and wants her shoes on. I don't understand this need to have our shoes on and off all day. She can put them on if they are a certain kind but the ones she found are not easy. I stop to put them on and of course now Meilynn wants shoes on too. But there are no more shoes downstairs. So I run up to get her shoes. I come downstairs and Meilynn is ripping a book, so I tell her no we don't do that to books and go to repair it before it is beyond repair. Now Emma has gone outside and climbed into her wagon, but it is wet because we had our first cool, wet night. I leave the back door open so they can play outside on the patio. I dry Emma off and take off her wet shoes and socks. But she still wants to wear shoes so I am back upstairs getting another pair. Then I dry out the wagon so they can play in it. Back into the kitchen to try to finish the dishes. I know that other things happened involving hair but I won't go into all of that because now I am giving them both a time out for fighting. Ok, that problem solved. I get the dishes done finally and we go up for baths. I just bought a miracle eczema cream for Emma and I get it out along with the diapers and other cream we use. Both girls are with me in the bathroom as I run their bath water, at least there were two bodies when I started running the water. I turn around and Emma is missing. In just a matter of seconds she has gone into her room, opened the brand new, expensive eczema cream and has spilled half of it! I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into my morning!
Thing 1 and Thing 2


Anonymous said...

LOVED the glimpse into your morning!!! absolutely hilarious and absolutely cannot wait to be there to witness it all!!! and the cream thing??? what the heck was she trying to do with it?


Tamara said...

vicki- your girls are so cute!!!! Meison won't touch cream lotion- so I don't have to worry about that yet. I love to read the blog and see how the girls get along.
Pass along the name of the miracle eczema cream- Meison has it bad.

Lilly said...

Oh goodness, I think this is a valid description of what I am getting myself into. :-) They are just so darn cute that they can easily get away with it, though. Heehee.