Thursday, March 07, 2013

Day 32 Spring Break!

 One of the first things that we usually do when we have spring break is to get all of our girls hair cut or trimmed.  It is a new beginning.  In  China, everyone gets a nice new hair cut for Chinese New Year.  Our families tradition is to get it cut at Spring Break.  We have a really early spring break this year.  I miss the old days when spring break was Easter Break and just before Easter.

 Here is the before picture. (It is hard to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera and with their eyes open)

 And here is the back view before.  Meilynn starting from the left wanted a few inches, same with Jilliana.  Lily wanted hers cut to just at the shoulders with a slight angle to the front, and Emma wanted hers just below the shoulders.  We found this really cute salon that not only cuts their hair, but does their nails as well.  Perfect for these girly, girls!

The salon also had cars you could choose to sit in and watch a movie.  Jilliana chose the Barbie Jeep.  The older girls got to go to the tween room.  It was decorated for tweens and had cool music.

 Jilliana in her Barbie Jeep.

 Emma in the tween room getting her hair style.

Lily started out at the nail station.  When their nails were done they could choose a glamor ring.

 Jilliana's hair style.  They also sprayed their hair and put glitter and flowers in it.

Jilliana's hair
The salon will also do birthday parties.  The girls choose a princess dress and get their hair and nails done.  They have lunch and then do a fashion show for the parents.  Too bad we don't live here.

Jilliana at the nail station.

Emma's hair

Lily getting her hair cut

 Jilliana's nails and her glamor ring.
Meilynn just after the hair wash

 Lily's hair

The back
Everybody is happy with their hair cuts
And the back.  I think everyone got just what they wanted.
Day 32
It is a lot easier to find organic real foods here at the beach.  I looked on line and found this little taco restaurant or taco stand.  The food was really good and fit perfectly in our plan.  I am watching videos and learning more and more.  I got tacos called the immortals.  They had sweet potato, quinoa, kale and some other "super foods".  Mike and the girls got burritos made with whole wheat tortillas, beans, rice and other yummy things.  We will definitely be back!

 On Thursday, we took Mike down for his follow-up laser appointment for his eyes.  While Mike was with the Doctor  we went  across the street to the mall for a short while.  The Disney store is always fun.

We went to a puppet show at Balboa Park.

 It was a fun day.  We found a nice little place to eat at called, "The Habit".  We had whole wheat pizzas and salad.

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