Monday, March 04, 2013

DAY 29

We just finished Day 29!  Many friends and family have asked us if we have noticed any changes.  We have, but I think I want to wait until more time has passed so that I can make sure some the changes are due to our new eating plan.

I have been sick the last few days so I don't have a lot of pictures, but I was down and watched at least three documentaries on food.  Wow!  My eyes are now open to some things that I wanted to ignore, some things that I had no clue about.  I don't have the names of the ones that I watched but they were on Netflix and are easily found.

One I do remember the name of because I after watching it I went out and bought a juicer.  It was, "Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead." I am going to try a short juice fast sometime soon.  This video led me to search out the other ones and then I couldn't quit.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  Things like the additives they put in our food to make us need more. And everyone has heard of the way that the animals that we eat are treated.  There was just so much that I hope that everyone will take the time to look at some of this research.  

Emma found this heart on her apple.  It kind of makes you feel like we are doing something right:)

 On Saturday I was well enough to run the girls to Barnes and Noble for the "Cat in the Hat" celebration of Dr. Seuss birthday.

  Lily got her face painted like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

And Jilliana, 

The Cat in the Hat.  Emma and Meilynn felt they were too old to get their done.:(

But not too old for a picture with the cat!

This morning I took Jilliana and Emma to the dentist.  They both had a cavity in the exact same tooth!  We actually been very lucky with our girls teeth as far as cavities go.   I was driving down to the beach for Spring Break and Jiliana kept telling me her lip hurt.  I thought she meant it was chapped from going to the Dentist.  When I went to get her out of the car, this is what I saw.  I got her into the house and put ice on it immediately.  I called the Dentist and told him what I saw.  I didn't know if she was having a reaction to the "Sleepy Tooth Medicine".  He told me I could bring her by, but we were already 2 hours away so he had me send a picture of her.  Well it looks like she must have bit her lip when she couldn't feel it.  We gave her some Motrin and iced it and it is already better.  I was scared there for a minute.  They warned us about not eating until it had worn off and told them to be careful, so I am not sure how it happened but poor little thing was really hurting.  Besides that, they did great at the Dentist.


Anonymous said... loves you Jilliana I am sending a big kiss for your precious little lip.1

Anonymous said...

Too old???????? Are you kidding me??? Wow, do I need to have a talk with them!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor swollen lip poor baby girl.
Friend Julie