Friday, September 18, 2009

Soccer? or not

Last Saturday was our first soccer game.  For those of you that know us our older girls started playing soccer when Kami was six and Meghan was 5.  We played soccer all the way though High School and Kami played four years for UCSD and won two Division II Championships.  Mike and I both coached and played.  Mike became the  Head of both our local AYSO and eventually the head of the local "club" team.  We said that when we adopted we were never going back to play soccer and we hoped that our daughters would develop a love for the cello.

As you can see that  did not last long.  Here are Emma and Meilynn before their very first soccer game.

This is their game look!

The Soccer Banner,  I think someone is color blind.  We are the Pink Unicorns.  Do you think that those shirts are pink?

It looks like Emma is getting it, right?  Well this was before the game.

Well, this is what they really looked like in the game.  They stood next to each other and wouldn't do a thing.  And when Meilynn subbed out, Emma cried for her sister to come back.  And just when I thought that Emma might do something, she was running to the sideline to tell me that she needed a hug.  We will see how tomorrow goes.  Cello here we come!

A play-dough cake they made for Lily.  Emma cannot stop talking about her.  She packs little bags of toys that she is saving for Lily.  Today she asked me if when we went to China to get Lily, if we could also get a baby.

Lily's care package I am working on.  Nuts and chocolates for the care takers, tooth brushes for the older kids, stickers to share.  Crayons, pens, glow bracelets, a bunny to snuggle, hair things, some Hello Kitty treats a dress and a Dora press light.

I am really trying to start doing a letter a week.  This week is Dd week.  One of our activities was to form cookies out of cookie Dough.  Daddy also took them for donuts.

Silly Sisters!


PaigeCal said...

I'm really not trying to be rude, but... a love for the cello? Seriously? Let the children be children. Let them play soccer, basketball, gymnastics, whatever they want to do. Send them to regular school so they can make lifelong friendships. I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your children by any means, but I just think they should have a say in what they do. I mean come on, NO child LOVES the cello.

Vicki said...

PaigeCal, I don't think you get my sense of humor. Really, You don't think my daughters are getting to be children?

Oh, and by the way, they are in so many activities as it is where they have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships.

I don't think you are rude, you just don't know us.

Anonymous said...

Obviously some people on here that comment DO NOT KNOW YOU and it is in my opinion rude to make assumptions about how someone is raising their children simply based on a "every now and again" blog they post. Come on!!!! Believe me I am with these kids ALOT!!! and they are totally kids. I don't know anyone who allows their children their own individuality more than Mike and Vicki. You PaigeCal simply have NO IDEA!!!! and as a musician myself I am a little offended by the comment that NO CHILD LOVES the CEllO. I am sure there are children out there who do. It does not happen to be Meilynn and Emma (currently), but I know if that is what they wanted to do that their parents would embrace it. I hope that in the future you will sprinkle your comments with more QUESTIONS about the things you don't understand about this family rather than making accusations about things you don't know anything about.

Anonymous said...

Vicki you should have had the girls come to visit Douglas for the week of D's !!!!
Friend Julie

Colleen said...

LOL oh goodness not sure if I'm laughing harder at the cello or Miss PaigeCal ROTFL is that person for real.....Oh Vicki they can be cello soccer players, or maybe soccer players that play the cello or better yet...they can play the cello while they play soccer. : P