Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Emma's Birthday Trip to Disneyland

We took Meilynn to Disneyland for her birthday and bought season passes since we knew we would be returning for Emma's birthday. We decided to go on Monday so that it would not be as busy. The last time we went the girl's noticed that a lot of kids had on their princess costumes. And Emma loves to wear all of her princess things, so she decided that she would wear her Tinkerbell outfit from last Halloween. The problem with this was that Meilynn wanted to then wear her monkey outfit from Halloween. It was going to be way to hot to wear her Monkey outfit. I tried to convince her to wear one of the princess costumes we had, but no that little spicy girl refused. We started out with breakfast at I-Hop. The first clue that something was wrong should have been that Meilynn only wanted to lay in the booth and did not want to eat. We thought maybe that it was jealousy over Emma wearing her outfit or because it was her birthday, but no, just a few miles from Disneyland Meilynn complained of her throat hurting. I turned around to look and she was very pale. I said, "Are you o.k,?'
She said, " I think I am going to throw up." You never so me leap so fast. I lept over the middle seat all the way to the back and ripped a bag out of the port-o-potty we have in the back and then lept back over the seat to sit between the girls, just in time to catch the throw up. I am sure if someone was looking they got quite a show, and I was wearing a dress! So we pulled into a gas station and bought Kitty Boo Boo a little Sprite to settle her tummy. She was looking OK so we decided to proceed, but then it happened again. Now we are just blocks from Disneyland. We are now out of zip locks so we stop at a drugstore to buy more and to assess the situation. We are so close and to go back home is over an hour. I decide that we should get to Disneyland and find a nice shady spot for Meilynn and one of us and the other will take Emma on a few rides and then we will leave. We get there and she seems better. She starts to perk up and we decide to stay, but not late since it is their first day of school the next day. We went on to have a very nice relaxing day, knowing that with our season passes there is no reason to fit it all in, in one day. It was hot, but other than that we ended up having a really fun day. Meilynn with Tinkerbell Emma with Tinkerbell Waiting to see Tinkerbell, such anticipation With Fawn

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Jill said...

Adorable pictures of the girls and the princesses!
Poor girl! Hope no one else gets sick.....