Monday, August 10, 2009


Do you know what this is a picture of? It is a spit wad! At least I think that is what they are called. You know those things you see in bathrooms? Toilet tissue that is wet and then thrown on the walls and ceilings? Well my girls figured this out all on their own! Really! They would have no way of ever seeing how to do this. Here is the story. I was in the house working on something while we were at the beach house. One of their favorite activities is to play on the driveway with buckets and containers of water in their bathing suits. Meilynn came into the house and I noticed she had a lot of toilet paper in her hand. I said, "What are you doing with that?" She said, "We are going to put it in the bucket of water." I said, "No it will dissolve." Meilynn asked, "What is dissolve?" (She is the most curious little thing) I said, "It will make it disappear." And she left and I carried on with what I was doing. I am not sure how it ended up out there after that. I was busy and may not have noticed her coming back in or she may have enlisted the help of her sister. Nevertheless, It got outside without my knowing and at a direct order from me to not take it out. Below is what I found all over the wall when I came out to check on them. I guess the curiosity of making it disappear got the better of them.These are spit wads made by my daughters. They were all over the wall. Here is the ground covered with wet toilet paper. Here is the I got caught and had to pick it all up picture. (Meilynn)
I hosed this off for three days and I still could not get the paper up. This kind of reminds me of something that I did when I was 4 or 5. My friend and I wrote all over our driveway with crayon. When we got caught, I remember we had to scrub the driveway with Ajax.


Joanne said...

Hi from a fellow June Jitterbug! This is actually a comment on one of your previous posts; the one about your trip to Cape Cod. Plymouth, MA. is one of our favorite places and I loved seeing your family in some of the familiar sites. I am especially motivated to drive to Chatham to go to the pie shop. I am so glad that you mentioned it.
Joanne in NY

Joanne said...

I forgot to add that we are leaving for Plymouth in a few days and will drive to Chatham while we are there. Is there any other places we should be sure to go to?

Vicki said...

Joanne, We just did the first time tourist things, like going to Martha's Vineyard. It was great to rent a bike and bike trailer for the girls. If the girls were a little older we would have looked for museums and things of that sort, but we mainly just enjoyed the pool and playing mini golf and eating ice cream. But the pie shop is a must! Have a great time!

Natalie's Mama said...

Vicki, Too funny! At least Meilynn did it outside. Natalie likes to see how much paper she can get in the commode before it won't flush! Or she like to see if a whole roll will fit. We went through 3 rolls in one day! I even tried drying out the rolls but found out that they were "used". EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!

4yr olds are SO creative!

rgshrs said...

Julia has that same face when she's busted. Her and her lil sis both have a penchant for tearing paper into confetti or emptying every box of tissues and wipes in the house!