Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Before, During, and after the Wedding

The wedding was perfect! We had perfect weather and the girls were on their best behavior and had such a great time. We had such a good time with our family and friends celebrating the beginning of Meghan's and Nicks lives together. The Friday before the wedding the whole wedding party got a manicure and pedicure. Here is Emma getting her feet wet. Emma drying her nails. I was getting my nails done also. Emma had asked for a flower on every finger before I knew it so we had to do the same for Meilynn. Flowers on all of their fingers and on two toes. Part of the bridal party. Meilynn was not too sure about the whole thing. Getting her nails dry The finished product Nick and Meghan at the rehersal The flower girls getting ready for their part. Meghan and her bridesmaids Meghan, Meilynn, Kami, and Emma. I am such a lucky mommy!
Nick with his groomsmen The birdesmaids Meghan with the guys Getting her hair done The only time I lose it; when we are taking pictures before the wedding, and they tell me to look at the bride, and she is just so beautiful.
Emma Meilynn Meilynn Mommy, Meghan, Daddy, Emma oops! Where is Kami? There she is! Meghan with the flower girls It was a beautiful day! Meilynn with her cousin Frankie A long day is over. They danced until they could dance no more! The day after, opening presents.
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Annie said...

Just beautiful!!!

Natalie and Jake's Mama said...

Oh Vicki! What a beautiful, beautiful wedding! I must tell you that I lost it when I saw the pic of you, Meghan and Mike. And now you have a son! I am so happy for you and all your family.

Sue, your secret sis

Joanne said...

Gorgeous pictures! I really liked the one of your four daughters (so far that is) all together.

rgshrs said...

Beautiful pictures for what was I am sure a beautiful day!! I can't believe I have been away from your blog so long that I almost missed these. And that you are going back to China!!! That is awesome!! Good luck! I love the pic of Meilynn and Emma passed out together after the celebration. So sweet:)

Congratulations to your beautiful family on so many blessings!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Vicki~

Just saw on the Panda website that Meghan got married and wow what a beautiful bride she was! What a special day...

I also must've missed that you're going back to China for another daughter. How wonderful! Congratulations. I pray all will go well with Lily's adoption.

Many blessings~
Lisa Osborn
Mommy to Lindy
Waiting for a daughter in Taiwan

Lori Lynn said...

I love all the wedding pictures your girls are so adorable! They grow up so fast. I cannot believe mine are now 5 & 6 already.

Hang in there. I am sure things will work out with Lily's adoption.