Friday, August 28, 2009

Miss Tippy Tail Turns 4!

O.K. after all of this time posting I still can't seem to put the pictures in the order I want! So here goes. Emma (Miss Tippy Tail) turned four today. We had her birthday last Sunday with our family and friends and then the rest of the week was hers too! On Monday we went to Disneyland, on Thursday she got to take "pupcakes" to school that she and Meilynn made, and today we will go out to Dinner. She is finally four and with that distinction she gets to chew gum! And with turning four she also get the added distinction of wiping her own bottom and buckling her own carseat, both of which she would rather me do. (I know it is a little late for the bottom wiping, but because of the size of Meilynn and Emma it is nearly impossible since they have not been able to reach the toilets or the sinks to wash their hands. We have built- in stools that we had made for them so they could wash their own hands, but still they cannot quite reach them. So they can now hang on the side of the sink to wash their hands. I also have hand sanitizer for them but sometimes soap and water is just better. At home we have stools for the toilet. At pre-school they have small toilets and sinks. So it was time for her to take over the job. Meilynn has been able to do her carseat for awhile but Emma has been having more trouble with it. So we made the date of turning 4 for her to also take this job over. It makes it so much easier to get them in the car when all I have to do is open the door for them and help them in. Daddy giving Emma a little advice on how not to crack your head on the brick. Emma is the one who is our little daredevil in some areas. (Although we cannot get her to go on rides like Pirates of the Caribbean. You may also remember she was afraid of mannequins for so long.) Sharing a special moment with Grandma They loved the dancing dolls from Grandma and Grandpa. They love my friend Debbie and her husband Marty. Meilynn was being the Doctor and taking care of Debbie. The McDonalds cash register was a lot of fun also. Meghan and Nick brought her this pretty dress and the Hello Kitty from Hawaii. Meilynn also got a dress and I think she would have liked the Hello Kitty too. Aunt Julie helping Emma, the princess, with her Leapster My friend Julie and Doug got them both jumpy balls. They have not stopped hopping since they got them. She always finds the fun toys that I would not have thought of. Here they are also wearing their new swimsuits from Aunt Julie. Mommy gets a little snuggle time I don't get it. Emma wanted these Chixo dolls so much. I don't think they are anything special. The body comes apart and then you set it up the way you want and then spray it and it is permanent. Really a waste of money in my opinion. More hopping. We turned on the sprinklers and let them hop through them. I can't remember what this was about, but it was over with very quick. An unhappy Princess Daddy helping her with the Leapster Eating Pasta! Trying on the grass skirts from Meghan and Nick. Wasn't it nice for them to drop by on the way home from their honeymoon in Hawaii? Not sure about the shell top. Emma loves to dress up, so she got this Doctor outfit and princess outfit. She is usually good about sharing with her sister. Emma in the princess. Meilynn in the Doctor.
Meilynn likes it! Grandma is so snugly. This Tinkerbelle cake was not quite as fancy as last years castle cake.
Four years old!
Three years old! Two years old! One years old!


Natalie and Jake's Mama said...

Can you believe it! Where does the time go? One day they are frail and an enigma, the next they are running around as princesses, doctors and hula girls. What a true testament to His Love. God is great. Lily will be home soon, I know it!


PS All Natalie wanted for Christmas last year was a blue bouncy ball. When Santa brought it, she stayed on it for about 3 months straight!

Vicki said...

Yes, Sue and then they are wearing Bride dresses!

Anonymous said...

Please reconsider the home schooling. The girls seem so social, and home schooling seems almost cruel to kids who like to be with others and to socialize.

Anonymous said...

1.I believe the melt down was over the Chixo doll.....Meilynn touched it without permission from the Birthday princess and the result was so entertainingly dramatic.

2. I am so happy they love their hop balls. I could watch them play on them all day.

3Loving the hula skirts and shells they look like little Wahines.

4.Any hint of illness I may have had is now completely gone since Dr. Meilynn gave me multiple shots. I am healed.

5.Yes, Your girls are very social. Whether you home school or no...I know you will make the right decision as you always have. You have made many many many right decisions based on the unique personalities and circumstances of each of your girls. You will again. There is nothing cruel in anything I have ever seen you do with your children and you never will. The girls get lots of socialization with their many cousins and family and friends at tumble tots, and chinese school, and swimming and childrens choir (I could go on and on) So you make the decision YOU need to make based on what is best for your girls and don't worry about "well meaning" people and their opinions.
Trust YOUR instincts they are God given and He has always been faithful to you.
Love you mucho,
Friend Julie