Friday, March 27, 2009

Cast Off, Spring in the Desert, mixing colors

After four weeks it was time to get Miss Tippy Tails cast off.  I was a little worried about how she was going to react since waiting in the waiting room was terrible.  She was pushing her face into my chest and was clinging on.  On the walk to the room where we were getting it off she was hanging on to me and whining. I had left Meilynn home with Daddy because I knew this might happen and I didn't know if I could  handle both.  When we went for the blood tests the one watching was crying as much as the one getting the test. We had talked about what it would be like and that the machine would be very loud.   I could tell that the Dr. taking it off was thinking oh no, this is going to be difficult.  He even told me that this was usually very hard at this age because the blade and the noise scared the kids.  Well Emma just hopped up on the table and was ready.
Here she is being very brave! Not a peep out of her.  She was very interested in what was going on.  The Dr. was pleasantly surprised since he had seen her coming down the hall hanging on me.  We were able to keep her cast and she calls it her "little arm".  Needless to say, every baby in the house has had a broken arm since. Right after getting the cast off we headed out to go motorcycle riding in the high desert for the weekend.  Here is Emma giving a little pose.  I don't know where they come up with this stuff.
Meilynn with her pose Playing outside the  motorhome.  We usually go where there is just dirt and sand, but this time we went to the upper desert and spring was in bloom Wild Flowers There were yellows and purples everywhere The girls in the Rhino Emma fell asleep on our long ride to find a monument to fallen riders Daddy takes Meilynn on a potty break The Husky monument, where riders are remembered
My friend Debbie and her daughter Courtney came over to our motorhome with some new markers that were like paints.  The girls loved it. At Target we found these little fizzy pills you put in the bath (kind of like Easter Egg dye)  Emma chose blue and Meilynn chose yellow.  They found out that yellow and blue make green. Playing in the bath.


Lori Lynn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad the cast off went well.

I really like the bird's eye view of the bathtub. Did you have to hold the camera over your head?

Lori W

Tamara said...

Glad to hear that that cast removal was easy. Logan did not do so well with that (they did burn his arm- and I ended up taking it off myself)
Love the posing for pictures- Moose and Goose do this and it still cracks me up.