Monday, October 08, 2007

Miss Tippy Tail meets a our house!!!

I had a question of who took the picture of the snake. I did! My camera has great zoom. I was not going near it!If you blow this picture up you can get a better picture of the snake in our house! Yes, in our house! We were making cupcakes for Grandpa's birthday and had the back door open. After making cupcakes the girls went over to their play area and all of a sudden Emma came running to me screaming like she was stung by a bee or something. I looked her over and couldn't find anything. Then she said snake s-s-s-s and she was right. Behind their kitchen set was a little snake. It kept peeking it's head out. Kami was holding Meilynn and I was holding Emma and we were home alone. Daddy was in Mexico. So I told Kami go next door and see if our neighbor is home. He just happened to be home and he came over and got the snake for us. I don't know what I would have done if he was not home. We only have one neighbor on one side of us right now. He used Mike's motorcycle gloves and Emma and Meilynn's little broom to get it out. Emma cannot go in that area without talking about the snake. I am sure her little heart was beating twice as fast as normal. I just hope she can let it go. Right now she says the snake is night night.Making cupcakes for Grandpa's birthday partyThat is a plastic egg that we practiced with.They had such a great time playing with the cupcake holders.Meilynn gets her social security card. Next we will get her passport!The girl's at the pumpkin patch. This is so Emma's personality. She lives life to the fullest!My pretty girls!Love those faces! Emma loved the petting zoo The goats were her friends. She had so much fun Emma last year with the goats! Emma's cute little fake smile
Meilynn finds her pumpkin Big sister Kami with her little mei, mei's The only picture with Meilynn near the goats. After this she needed me to carry her! Mommy and Emma peting the Llama He has eyes like a camel
Meilynn going to pay for her pumpkin Kami, Miss Tippy Tail and MeilynnWe will take these! Meilynn looking at the pumpkins Sisters
Emma last Halloween! Reading time Cute picture of Meilynn. Of course I cut her head off in the picture.


LaLa said...

What great pictures of your three beautiful girls! Oh, and the snake...YUCK

Somewhere In The Sun said...

All of the pictures are great! Emma sure has changed from last year! I love the one of Meilynn crawling!! She looks so happy! I do have one question....who took the picture of the snake??? I would have been too scared!

Truly Blessed said...

Darling pictures of the girls. How fun is it that their big sister is home.

I would totally FREAK if there was a snake in my house. YUCK!!