Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Big Sister Kami is moving Home!

Our big sister Kami who has been living in Barcelona is moving home! She just cannot stand to not be here with her little sisters. And just in time to help Mommy because Daddy is going on his retreat and then on a motorcycle trip to Mexico. We are going to go to San Diego to watch Kami play in her Alumni Soccer game at UCSD. We don't know how long she will be staying but we are so happy because she is so much fun! A lot has been happening. Meilynn got her Citizenship papers and her social security card. Next we will get her a passport. She is starting to say so many words but her favorite is NO! and it sounds like a whiney cat when she says it. I think she says it with a Chinese tone. She understands everything that we say and can do what we ask her too. She has a very sweet disposition. She is a Daddy's girl! Which of course Mike loves! She had to get another round of 6 shots! Ouch! Her TB test came back normal. I am so glad because so many come back positive because they give a vaccination in China and when the test is given here it often shows positive. Emma is saying so many words with her favorite being Emma's turn! She loves her sister but still cannot keep her hands off of her. But it is a little better! I want to take her to get her hair cut but I have tried twice and she is just so afraid to go into some places and a hair salon is one of them. I have shown her a video of children getting their hair cut but she does not want to go. I took her with me to get Meilynn's shots the other day and she cried the whole time she is so terrified of some things. She is even afraid of the rides in front of grocery stores! Meghan is busy with school! This is her Senior year at the University of Redlands and she is trying to deciede where she would like to go to graduate school. She is a math major. At Sunday School. Emma was afraid even of this stuffed animal until Meilynn got on! Mommy and Daddy worked in the nursery so it was fun to go to our Sunday School Class with them. Grandma and Grandpa made homemade ice cream for Frankie's (my cousins) birthday party and for our Church Picnic! Emma who doesn't normally like sweets loved it! Here she is with Brain Freeze I think! Emma thinks it is Yummy and she needs a haircut! Sharing with DaddyMeilynn can open wide for anything sweet! Practicing for when Kami comes home! Her favortie Burrito place. Emma loves Burritos! She calls them Burros.And guess what Kami? Meilynn likes them too! Hurry home Kami!
Meiynn enjoying the slide She is a little timid when going down and turns around to go down. Emma on the other hand is a little daredevil even if she is afraid of so many other things. Our big sister Meghan tries to drop by and read to us! We love when she reads to us.
Another one of Mommy's silly stories. Daddy thought this was such a cool soap dispenser. You put your hand under it an a chime goes off and a little soap drops on your hand. But Mommy always has trouble with it. Daddy never believes her. So on this day it just kept going and going and Mommy couldn't get it to stop so she took a picture of it to show Daddy. Emma cannot keep her tippy tails in. She likes her hair free and natural. And usually she has her clothes off too! Meilynn on the other hand always keeps her hair in. Swinging toghether Fun Days! Emma on her way down!

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Lori and Pete said...

Love your girls and love your blog! I don't know how I've missed it all this time. We too live in Southern/Central California and have two daughters from China, only 9 months apart and total opposites. Ours are a bit older than yours. Yours can pass for twins!

Take Care!

Lori W