Monday, October 15, 2007

Girl's Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy went on a motorcycle trip to Mexico with the Guys so Mommy took me, Meilynn, my big sister Kami, and our Aunt Debbie to Carlsbad. Here I am on my big sister's Boogie Board. It was warm enough to go in the Ocean. The beach was really rocky this time and the sand had a lot of black in it! Every time we come the beach is different.
When we got back from our beach trip we had a package waiting for us. It was from our friends that we met in China when Mommy and Daddy came to get me. They are sisters too and they gave us these two little Chinese dolls. They are their favorite dolls so they sent us the same dolls to congratulated us on becoming sisters. Thank you Kendyl and Alexee. We love them already!
It looks like I am trying to steal a bagel out of Meilynn's mouth but I am really giving her a kiss! Mommy got the pictures a little out of order. Here we are with our dolls when we first opened them up.
Meilynn enjoys a burrito. Mommy does not know how someone so little can eat so much! Here is our Aunt Debbie and our big sister Kami pulling us in the wagon to the beach. I love to hug Meilynn but she does not always like it. I think she is not sure if she is going to get a hug or a hit from me. I am getting better about not hitting her but I still do it sometimes. Mommy keeps putting me in time out. Meilynn can keep her bathing suit up now without Mommy having to tie a Knot in it. Here I am again on the boogie board
Here is Aunt Debbie, Mommy, Kami, me and Meilynn at another pumpkin patch at Corona Del Mar This pumpkin is too big for Meilynn to carry! She wanted to take it home I think! My big sister Kami won this guitar for me at the pumpkin toss We love Mexican food. Wait a minute we love almost any food!
Kami riding on the Merry go Round with us We climbed up this big slide! It was really high. We kept slipping back down. I like all slides Meilynn was a little afraid but she did it. We didn't want to ride the train unless Kami rode with us
Kami and Meilynn just after sunset You won't believe what this is! It is a piece of scrambled egg I pushed up my nose. Kami had to dig it out. *Note from Mommy- I have never had a child that liked to put things in every hole they could find. Emma constantly has things in her mouth. I have seen her try to put things in her ears and nose and other places. If anyone knows how to stop this behavior send me a note! I loved this yellow car Here Kami is winning us guitars! It looks like she could almost just drop it in doesn't it? Yeah! Daddy now we have our own guitars for Guitar Hero
A beautiful sunset. We walked on the beach every day I like watching the sun go down. Mommy says that they can see the sun in China after it goes down. I liked watching from this rock Hey Mommy! My fake smile
Kami bought us kites. Here is Aunt Debbie helping Meilynn The kite went up very fast Kami couldn't get it up so Mommy had to show her how. She was running up and down the beach when all she had to do was stand there. Mommy with her girls Meilynn really got into it
Of course we went shopping at the Outlets. I chose this pink hat to try on Pretty in pink Kite flying again I love my big sister and I am so happy she moved home from Spain
Yeah! The beach! We love it! Beach Babies Mommy's girls minus Meghan Kami convinces Meilynn to ride Kami and Aunt Debbie try to convince me it is fun but I don't like this kind of ride
We went to Sea World. I got a Dolphin and Meilynn got a Polar Bear Here I am with the Dolphins They are fun to watch On the sky ride Here I am with Mommy. It was windy but so beautiful
It was lunch time We had to see the Belugas since it is my favorite song to sing Meilynn saw a polar bear dive down to get fish Meilynn with a Beluga Meilynn's Polar Bear
The Seals make a lot of noise We can bark like they do Kami and Meilynn at the Dolphin Show Mommy and Emma at the Dolphin Show The Polar bear diving down
I had such a great time taking my daughters and their Aunt Debbie to the beach house. The girls slept in the pea pod beds for the first time and loved it! The weather was beautiful.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the pictures...
They say it ALL...
Looks like you had an AMAZING time with the girls...
They are sooo adorable..

LaLa said...

What great pictures and fun times!! Annslee has that same swimsuit : )