Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disneyland and Jilliana's Dr. Appointment

Since our International Dr. is not far from Disneyland, we have begun a tradition of going to Disneyland after the appointment.

Jilliana was great at the Dr. and only cried a little when she got her immunizations.   The good news is that the standard of giving all new immunizations to children adopted from China has changed.  Before we repeated all immunizations not knowing if they were really given or if they had been stored properly.  But, the Dr.'s have found out that if the child comes with a detailed immunization record, then the immunizations do not need repeated.  Also, when we adopted Lily last year, the law stated that she had to get re-immunized while in China.  So she received 7 shots before leaving China.  Jilliana only had to have the tb test before leaving.  We gave her two of the shots that she had not had and will follow up at our Pediatrician for the one we did not get.  Also, we will need to get blood work and the urine and stool samples done.

Jilliana was weighed and measured.  She is in the 10 percent range for height and the 5 percent for weight.   This is much better than our other children have been.  She weighs 27 pounds and she is 36 1/8 inch tall.

Waiting for the Dr.
The nurse taking her temp, perfectly normal.  98.6
Dr. Mink trying to see in her ears.  Her ear canals are very small and they had some wax so the Dr. couldn't see if the structures were all intact.  The Dr. decided it would be better not to push looking since she is scheduled for her cleft team appointment in April and there were no immediate concerns.  We have noticed that Jilliana is very sensitive in the ear area.  We don't know if that is just the way they are or if it was from the trauma she experienced with the exams given to her last May.  So we will wait until April to get a better look.  We still know that Jilliana can hear.  We still don't know how much.  I still think that if I had not been told that she had hearing loss I would not be even looking in that direction.  It is still too early for us to tell.  I have noticed that when she repeats a word she seems unable to say the word exactly.  We don't know if that is due to just being here 4 weeks or if it is because she is three, or if she has a speech problem or a hearing problem.  Again, I am looking for something to be wrong and would never have suspected if we had not been told this was the reason for her disruption.  We think she is off the charts smart.  She hears a tune once and can be heard singing it later.  The other day she heard a tune on the ipad with Mike "This Old Man" and then she ran and found the Fisher Price little bus that plays the same tune but with different words.

We only went to lunch and on two rides as it was very busy due to Spring Break.  I guess you can tell the new tune that Jilliana cannot quit singing.

It's A Small World
She loved it

Her first beignet in New Orleans Square, I should have got a picture.  It was shaped like Mickey!

Some of Jilliana's new words:
Toilet Paper
Baby Bottle
Jilliana (She refers to herself as both Ji Hong and Jilliana)  We love the way she says her name.


Sammy said...

She is so cute!

China Dreams said...

Love her word list. All of the important stuff!