Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Years

If I live to be 100 Kami will be 75, Meghan 72, Lily 54, Meilynn and Emma 52, and Jilliana 50.

Mike's Grandma just celebrated 100 years.  100 years seems so long and it seems so short.  When we decided to adopt we figured out how old we would be when Emma graduated from High School.  I will be 65 and Mike will be 63.  When I was 25, 63 seemed like my life would be over.  I had very young parents growing up so I had nothing to base that on.  Now 65 doesn't seem so old.

At Mike's Grandma's birthday we heard how she was born before TV and that sliced bread was invented the year she was born.  Mike and I already remember back to days gone by.  We remember watching black and white TV.  We remember only having one TV set with at most 10 channels to watch.  We remember playing outside on our street until our parents called us in.  We remember maybe one scheduled activity.  We learned how to solve problems and get along without adults supervising our every move.  We played Kick ball, and Donkey, and "Three Flies Your Out". (Mike remembers that it is called "Three Flies your Up") so we have a bit of disagreement there.  We played Dodge Ball, and freeze tag, and hide and seek.  In fact Mike and I actually met in a water balloon fight on our street.  (That is a story for another day) We did not have scheduled activity every hour of the day

Mike's Grandma believes in hard work. She lived through the Depression.   She worked as a Nurse most of her life while taking care of Mike's Mom and her brother and sister.  She is still spunky today.   I love Mike's Grandma.  She has always treated me like one of the kids.  Today she cannot hear or see as well and at times she forgets, but she is smart and on top of things, and she always asks about my daughters.  She is a woman that I admire and respect.
Mike with his Grandma
Meilynn at Grandma's Pre-party
Grandma with one of her Grand Daughters

 I Love This One

 Mike's Dad and Kate
My Beautiful Daughters!


China Dreams said...

10 Channels! You were spoiled! My husband is always saying things like, "you remember, he was on Bonanza the first season," and I have to keep reminding him that I only got Channel 8. That means ABC. I never watched these shows he watched.

I figured out the age thing, too, before adopting-I will have six years to work after high school graduation and two after college graduation. My husband is 6 years older than me, so not so good for him, but I wouldn't be surprised if he outlives me despite this.

Happy birthday to grandma! It's wonderful to be old if you can enjoy it.


Jennifer Taylor said...

Your girls are so beautiful! What a blessing to celebrate 100 years with Mike's grandma! I remember the days when we didn't have to be entertained. Life was much easier then!

Tori said...

100! Fantastic! And I love that your idea of what "old" is has changed so drastically. With four very young daughters and two more young daughters, you are most certainly not old!