Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Swagger Wagon?

If you have not seen the You Tube swagger wagon videos, they are a must see.  They are about a family trying to make a van a "cool" car to drive.

  I don't know how to put one of those links on or I would.  I have always had an aversion to vans and have never wanted to own one.  When Kami and Meghan were growing up we had 2 jeeps in a row, then two suburbans in a row.  I was so glad when they started driving to move to a car.  I do not like driving those really long vehicles and a van is like a station wagon to me.  No offense to those that drive vans.  They are made for families.  I just don't like them.  With each addition we have ended up having to make a decision about what I will drive.  I had a car when we started to adopt Emma but soon realized that an suv would be easier to put her in and out of a car seat.

Waiting for Meilynn

Then when we decided to adopt Meilynn we still had enough room for two.  Of course if I wanted to
 take anyone else I couldn't.

Then when we decided to adopt Lily, we tried to fit our current car seats in the back, three in a row.  We couldn't make them fit. What were we going to do?  I did not want to buy a van.  We drove to Babies' R us and tried every car seat and still we couldn't make them fit.  Then through a search on the internet I found the Radian car seats.  The dimensions sounded like they might just squeeze in and they did!   Buying three new car seats is a lot cheaper than buying a new car, And they would all be in 5 point harness's which was very important to us since our daughters still are so light.

Waiting for Lily

Fast forward to today and now we need room for four car seats. (Lily only weighs 40 pounds at 7)  We found only a few vehicles that have seating for 7 or 8.  Most of them were way bigger than I want to drive.
  Mike already has a Yukon and I really do not like driving it.  We really wanted to have three seats in the back, with two in the middle, so you can walk through and two in the front.  A van would be perfect and I agreed that if that was all that would work I would get one.
 We had rented a van on vacation and loved how the girls could get in and out on their own with the sliding doors and the low height.
After much searching  we found the Acadia.

 I think that it is going to work out great.  We should have it by the end of December, but in the mean time my car is sold and this is what I am renting!  Never say Never!

Yes, a Swagger Wagon (a van)!  And there are some things that I am really liking about it!


prechrswife said...

We love our mini-van, but I think my hubby was one of those people who said he would never drive one. Never say never. :-)

Kristi said...

Welcome to the club! You know, we almost replaced our seats to fit them into the Highlander last year. These days I'm glad we went ahead to the world of the mini-van ~ Daniel would have forced the change anyway!

Carla said...

:) I really like my Odyssey van, especially having 4 kids. One thing I like about the Odyssey is that it was built off the Accord chassis so it drives like the Accord. I just have to watch backing up, and now, after 6! years of driving it, I'm looking at replacing it in the next few years with another one.

May you enjoy driving your "swagger wagon" as much as I do! ;)

The LaBelle Family said...

That video is hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing it...I needed a good laugh. :) Oh, and BTW, I, too, have an Odyssey (Honda) and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING! I LOVE my mini van. :) You will, too.

Sharon said...

Love my mini! You will love yours too very quickly. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm on my fourth. That's all I've got to say about that :)