Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lyla (Lily's Best Friend)

Do you remember this?  This is the paper chain we made to countdown the days until Lyla comes to visit.  Lyla was in the Orphanage with Lily from the time they were babies.  They lived together as sisters for six years.  Both of their paperwork was sent to the CCAA to be adopted at the same time.  They were adopted within a week of each other. The  first picture we saw of Lily, Lyla was in it with her.   In August we surprised Lyla with a visit from Lily. Just Lily and I flew to Arkansas to see Lyla and her family.  We think it is important for these two little girls to stay connected and we are trying to do that.  When we saw Lyla in August when  the girls had just been home 6 months.  I felt it was important to see that Lyla had a home and was loved and taken care of, since the last time we saw her we left her in China.   I also think it is important for Lyla to see where Lily is and who her family is. We cannot wait to see them together again.

This is how are chain looked today!!!!!!!  Tomorrow we will pick Lyla and her Mom up at the airport.  Our plans are to go to lunch and then to Disneyland.  On Friday we will make Gingerbread houses and just play.  Some of my family will come over on Friday night to meet Lyla and her Mom.  On Saturday, the girls have a dress rehearsal for their Church Musical.  We will then go to the Nutcracker, dinner and go to the Mission Inn to see the Christmas Lights.  On Sunday we will go to Church and then take them back to the airport.  We are so excited!!

On the adoption front;  Our paperwork is now at the National Visa Center, where it will be scanned into the computer and sent to Guangzhou.  Then our agency will drop off more paperwork in Guangzhou that goes with the scanned paperwork from the National Visa Center.  After two weeks we are issued an Article 5.  Then it is sent to the CCAA and we await travel approval, usually two to four weeks after that.  Lately it has been more on the over four weeks side.  We anticipate travel in the middle of February.
 The Fed Ex containing our passports with Visa's
This is over $900 dollars in Visa's inside our passports.

 Look at all of these beautiful quilt squares for Jilliana's Quilt
 It is not too late, I have extended the deadline
 I have been so lucky to get these
Some from close personal friends and some from people that only know me through my blog!
Thank you so much for being a part of this very special quilt for Jilliana!
Merry Christmas Everyone!  God has blessed us beyond what we deserve!  There is no greater joy than family.


Kristi said...

Sure can't wait to see Lily and Lyla together again!

prechrswife said...

Have a wonderful visit with Lyla and her mom! Love the Christmas card. :-)

Judy said...

I'm so glad to hear you extended the deadline! I felt so bad for not getting in gear before Thanksgiving! I will mail my square next week if that's ok...