Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching up! And Lily's first visit to Santa

I don't know what has been happening with blogger, but again I have been unable to upload pictures until tonight. It has been so frustrating and I just think, what if I have some of these problems when we go to China.
 I took the girls to get pictures taken and I always like to get a few before the actual ones.  We just got about 5 inches cut off Emma and Meilynn's hair yesterday and a trim for Lily.  I wanted to get their pictures before we cut it.  I got these dresses and Marshall's for only $19 each.  I thought that was a great find.

 Meilynn, Lily, Emma   Emma always wants to snuggle in.
 The only picture I got of the girls at their Thanksgiving Feast at school.  Emma in her Pilgrim attire.

 The end of Soccer season for Emma.  She had a party at the Jump Zone.
 The end of Lily's first soccer season.  We had rain.  Here she is listening to the coach.
 Getting her medal.
 So happy!
 Emma getting her medal
 Emma with her friend Ella and the coach
 Daddy has become quite the cook.  Here you see some happy faces when he made Honey, Garlic, Chicken and a beef noodle dish.  One dish was Chinese and the other Thai.  The girls love it!
 Lily loves any dish that has noodles
 I am not the best at picture taking, but I wanted to get a picture of it.
 Lily had her first visit with Santa.  She loved him!  She could not quit touching his fur and beard.  She got to go first since this was her first Christmas.  She brought her list to share with him.  He was awesome with her.  He went over each gift she wanted and asked her about each thing.  I told the girls to each put three items on their list.  Hers are 1. Micro-phone 2. Dora guitar 3. This spa kit with masks you make for your face.  Emma wants 1. A petti-skirt (big tutu like skirt) 2. clothes (yes, she circled clothes as her choice.

 Meilynn wants 1. A make-up kit with lighted mirror 2. Play Foam 3. A light for your room that makes a rainbow on your wall.
They all gave Santa a big hug.

 We had a crafts day yesterday.  Meilynn and Emma got these kits to make their own plates last year and we are just now getting around to doing them.
 Emma hard at work on hers.

 Our plates
 Lily worked on making a hand print for the Christmas tree.
 The hand now has to dry a couple of days before we put the ribbon on
Sisters on cuddled up to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the first time with Lily.

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