Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Beach Days and Ladybugs

This afternoon we went to play on the beach one last time before we go home.  Meilynn found a ladybug the minute we got down to the beach and then Emma found one.  I have never seen a ladybug at the beach before.


                                                     Lily showing off her new earrings
                                                          Pretty Meilynn
                                                I love these pictures

                                                             Jumping picture

                                                             Cute Emma

I don't know how she came up with this pose, but once she started doing this they all decided to show me their pose.
Meilynn showing me hers

Showing off their splits
Getting silly

Emma showing off a cartwheel
Lily's cartwheel
Meilynn's attempt
Now posing with sunglasses (Emma)
There is this thing going on in our house, I guess you would call it trying to get approval, or copying, or something like that.  As soon as one does something then the other two have to do it to.  So for instance in these photo's, Emma started the posing and then they each insisted that I took their picture doing the same thing.  If I say, "Meilynn, you are being such a big girl." Then I hear, "Am I being a good girl? ' from the other two.  After awhile this gets really old.  I cannot praise one without making sure that everyone else gets praised.  I think this will just be a phase but I hope it goes fast.  They also do it with talking.  I call it not having an original thought.  Emma says, "Mommy, I like this song."  Then I hear Meilynn say "Mommy, I like this song." and then of course Lily says, "Mommy, I like this song.  I have to give the same response to each of them.  I guess it is good practice for Lily to repeat what they are saying, but again it begins to get old fast.

Lily's sunglasses pose

Lily, being funny
Cutie Lily

I call this one "Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.

Emma loves to give me random hugs.  Meilynn loves to tell me that she loves me more than........... and she will usually say Hello Kitty whom she loves more than anything, and Lily loves to come up and give me kisses and tells me that she loves me.  I now right now that it may be out of insecurity or reassurance but I am loving all of the loving that I am getting.  My cup runneth over.

The girls with their big sister Kami
Kami and Emma, my August babies.


Sue said...

I completely understand about the copying. With my 3 girls being 14 months from the oldest to the youngest, they are 6/6/7 right now. I have learned if you let one of them do something the other two are going to want to, if you give one something the other two will follow. We even have the problem if one wants to help cook, the other two want to...always got to think in 3's and it get old fast sometimes when they are repeating each other all the time. Great pictures.

Terri said...

OH, Vicki it gives me so much hope just watching & looking at these pictures of how far Lilly has come in a short period of time. I love to see how the sisters have all bonded!! God is so good & how he works in this process!!!

We are praying hard for the same miracle to happen here in our family!!!!

Kristi said...

I just LOVE that picture of your three girls from the back when they have their arms around each other ~ such a visual of God's ability to knit families together!
Oh, and I hear you on the copying thing. For right now Darcy's nickname is "Me too..."