Monday, April 05, 2010

First Easter for Lily

When you see this video it is hard to believe that just 6 1/2 weeks ago this little girl was in China and had never even heard of Jesus.  Click below and then if you want to see it on your whole screen you click on the two little arrows in the lower right hand corner of the video.

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If you click on the video you will see the girls singing in our children's church choir.  Lily is in the pink bow and Emma and Meilynn are the ones that look like stage fright has struck!  They have been in choir over a year and they know the songs and sing them at  home and at practice, but put them in front of the Church and they refuse to sing.  Lily on the other hand barely knows the song and look at her!

This is coming down the stairs on Easter morning to see if the Easter bunny came.  We had to be dressed before we went down since the girls were singing in early and late Church.  Lily was so excited to finally get to wear the Easter dress she picked out.  She would ask me every morning to wear it and I would tell her that she had to wait until Easter.

The Easter bunny brought bubble gum since Meilynn has been asking to learn how to blow a bubble
Meilynn showing off her gum and Lily so excited to open her eggs.

Emma and her basket
Lily showing off a new coloring book.
Lily and her Hello Kitty dress.  She loves Hello Kitty almost as much as Meilynn!
Emma with her dress.

Sisters!  The bunny brought Lily a snap dress doll since Emma and Meilynn have one and sharing of this has been difficult.  The girls will each have a doll and then we will share all of the clothes.  Lily was excited that hers has the same color of hair as Mommy's hair.

Lily with candy and Meilynn with a new princess placemat.

Lily's toothbrush

Looking to see if the Easter bunny ate his carrots.

He did!

Morning egg hunt.  After looking at the baskets the tradition at our house is to have an egg hunt in the house.  The bunny hides the eggs in one room and then he leaves a basket to hide later after Church.

Meilynn finds an egg.
Lily singing in Church!

And here are all three of them.  Lily by the microphone pole  with the bow on and Emma and Meilynn in the front.

Happy girls

Trying to get a family picture.  Meghan, Nick, Mike, me, Kami in the back and Emma, Lily, and Meilynn.

We never did find one that was perfect, but then again we are not perfect.  

We went to our neighbors after Church.  They are Greek and every three years they have a big party at their house.  They roasted two lambs.

My Mom and Dad came over when they got through with Church.

Everyone gets a hard boiled egg and then you tap the two eggs together.  The first person says, "Christ is risen", and then the other person says, "He has risen indeed."  The one that is cracked loses and then the other person takes his egg and does the same to someone else.  The person in the end who still has an uncracked egg is the winner.  (We left before I found out what that means.  It probably means they will have good luck for a year?)  After we went to our neighbors then our family came over to have lunch and the Easter Egg hunt at our house. 

Daddy looking at the bunny things.

Emma finding an Egg



Lily likes Easter!

We had a wonderful Eater! Lily had no problem joining in the fun!  I asked her if she liked Easter and she gave a very big YES! to that.  

I have heard that when we pass the first big holiday that we celebrate together, for the second time,(for us Easter) that then Lily may start to understand that she is staying with us.  I hope that she understands this earlier.  The other day she was looking at her pictures of China and she finally understood that the Orphanage pictures were her house in China and the picture of our house is her house here.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to her house in China?  She gave a very big No and shook her head.  It was a breakthrough in so many ways.  I was able to communicate with her about how she felt about something and it felt good to know that she likes being with us.  But on one level it was sad to know that it was so easy for her to leave behind everything she knew for six.years.  I hope that someday she will be able to share what her life was like if she wants to.  For right now, I take comfort in that we were able to get to her so quickly and that she seems very happy to be here.  Happy Easter to everyone!


Jennifer Taylor said...

Lily looks wonderful! I'm so glad that she has adjusted so well!

Tammy said...

Beautiful family, great heart is filled to overflowing for you! Thank you for sharing.

prechrswife said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for sharing. :-)

rgshrs said...

Oh Vicki, that video is precious!! So glad you all such a good Easter, you have such a beautiful family:)

Kristi said...

What a precious video! Amazing how quickly kids pick movements and words up, isn't it? Darcy currently goes around singing the "God our Father" blessing all the time. I love the pictures of your three little girls together.
Interesting thought on the big holiday. It would break my heart to think that it was from October of 2008 until Thanksgiving of 2009 until Caleb really believed we were forever, but it totally makes sense. For us with Darcy it will be Easter as well.