Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Lot Going On and not enough hours in my day!

Oh, there is so much to share, but not enough time!  With all of the end of the year activities and two birthdays and getting ready for our summer trips it is crazy around here.  We are taking the whole family to Italy and Spain!

But first, we finished our 100 Day Pledge to Eat Real Food and we are going to continue but allow ourselves the occasional, hmmm..... what do I call it.  I don't want to say treat, because we have found that real foods taste like treats to us now.  I guess I will just call it the "occasional food" or "sometime food" for the girls.  With the end of the year parties I am letting them make their decisions on food outside our house.  They have surprised me over and over.  For example there have been quite a few "reward pizza parties" and all three of the big girls have asked for me to make their pizza rather than have the take out pizza.  Yes, it is more work, but to see them make good choices is worth it.

Meilynn had her birthday and wanted only "real" foods.  We made banana bread and the "cake" was a "real' brownie  made with only real ingredients like, cacao, pure maple syrup and whole wheat flour.  We put "real" whipped cream on top.

 There is nothing like licking the whipped cream.  Happy 8th Birthday Meilynn
 Lighting the candles
 Making the wish
 Opening gifts
 She still loves Hello Kitty my little Kitty Boo Boo!
Meilynn chose to have a family party which of course includes our long time family friends.  I think that it is sweet that she wanted to have a family party.

 Good Friends, Doug, Julie, and Debbie

And Samantha with Emma

Lily chose to have her party at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. She invited two of her school friends.

She loves this doll her friend gave her.

 As you can see we had the "sometime food".

 Jilliana loving the sometime food!

Happy 10th Birthday Lily!

It is so funny.  Everyone always thinks that Lily is so tall.  But as you can see here she is not tall.  All of the girls except, Jilliana are in the second grade.   Lily is the size of a second grader even though she is two years older.
We've had piano recials
voice recitals
Biography reports (Emma as Gabrielle Douglass and Meilynn as Ann Frank)  Lily was Amelia Earhart but is in a different class and did not dress up.
Mike and I celebrated out 33rd anniversary.  I took him to Colorado to see the outdoor races.

It is a busy time of year.  

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