Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I Not a Pirate Anymore, I am a Princess (an ear piercing story)

Guess who wanted her ears pierced?

Jilliana..........looking a little unsure

Jilliana has been asking for her ears to be pierced.  Lily and Emma have theirs done.  Meilynn has never wanted them, and Jilliana has been asking for about a month.  I held off on it and told her that after her yearly visit with the Cleft Team we would get them done if the Dr. said it was ok.

After our visit she reminded us of the ears.  I really  had thought she might forget.  I don't have a problem if they want them done and will take care of them, but I did not want her to get them done if she didn't understand what it meant.

On our way home from the visit we stopped at a mall to get them done.  With Lily and Emma there were two girls to do theirs so both ears were done at the same time.  There was only one girl that could do them and Jilliana acted so sure that we decided to go ahead.  (Mistake!)

After this she refused to get the other one done.  I was not going to force her,  but I really didn't want just one ear done.  We decided to walk around the mall and see if she might change her mind.  Nope, there was no changing her mind.  We then turned to bribery I hate to admit.  We offered something from the Hello Kitty store, candy, ice cream, you name it we tried it.  I even tried telling her that we would have to go back and have the one taken out that they did.  Nothing worked. So we went back to the store and got the earring that she did not have.  The way it works at Claires is each earring has its own "shooter" to put the earring on.  That way there is not contamination.  So, they could not give us the "shooter" and the earring would not be able to be put in another one.  They told us that another Claires may or may not do it for us without charging again.

So we left with our little pirate in tow.  We got back to the beach house and her sisters saw that she had her ear pierced and Jilliana told them, "I pirate".  (You may remember a story I told a while ago where when I put Jilliana to bed one night she covered her eye and said "I pirate".  It was so cute since she had only been with us about 6 month, I think and we did not even know she knew what a pirate was.  We always tease her about that and we say "I pirate" quite a bit since.)

I really did not want to keep it this way, and I did not want to do the whole 6 weeks of cleaning and turning and then end up taking it out, or then getting the other one done and spending another 6 weeks of three times a day cleaning and turning.

Later that day we went to see Meghan and Nick's new house.  We kept talking about getting her ear done and she kept saying, "no".  As we were leaving we asked her once again and said we could all go for ice cream after she did it.  This time she said, "yes".  I wasn't sure if she would or not.

So we all headed out to the mall near Meghan and Nick's house.  I really did not think she would do it, but she marched right in and sat down. (Who knows?  Maybe it was her sisters all standing there watching her, but something changed that made her very brave.)  The girl told us that she would do it if we were sure she would do it since they would have to waste the other "shooter" since she was only getting one.  I really didn't know.

She didn't even cry, but I sure felt like it!!!
 At Farrels Ice Cream Parlor

The cutest thing was that night when I put her to bed and she said, "I not a pirate anymore, I am a Princess!"

And she is!


Meghan Benson said...

Ahh, teasing and bribery... can't wait to be a mom. :)

Anonymous said...

you are g.mas little princess.

K said...

What a cute story!