Monday, July 11, 2011

Lily and Lyla together again!

When I first saw the picture of these two little girls,


and heard the story and saw their video I knew that they needed to be together.  They had grown up in their orphanage together.  They were sisters.  Maybe not biological, but still sisters.
I asked my agency if it was possible to adopt both of them.  They told me that China would not allow the adoption of two healthy 6 year olds.  
So I decided that I would try to find the family that would adopt Lyla and try to keep in touch.
As it turns out they live in Arkansas and they are the perfect family for Lyla.  
Lily and Lyla were adopted in February 2010.

Last August, 2010, Lily and I flew to Arkansas to meet Lyla's family.  

Then in December 2010 Lyla and her mom flew out to California to spend time with us. 

Last week for the 4th of July week Lyla, her Mom and Dad and her awesome brother Liem came to California to spend time with us.  I am so happy that we have been able to keep these two in touch with each other.

 Welcome to California!
 There they are!
 Lyla and Lily
 Together again!

 So happy!
 Jilliana just loved Liem. She decided that he was hers and Liem was so sweet with her and all of the girls.
 Meghan and Nick came to the Welcome BBQ
 It was so hot!  Everyone was enjoying the pool.
 Visiting in the pool

 Mike giving Liem a little help.
 Lunch on the patio

 Liem got to lick the beaters.
 After a day at our house we went down to Carlsbad to the beach.  This was our first walk on the beach.
 Lyla and Jennifer
 Emma testing the water
 Happy 4th of July!
 Goofy faces
 We went to the Pancake House
 This was Jeff's omelet.
 Decorating the bikes for the little parade that they do in our little beach community.
 Meilynn with her pinwheel
 Emma cutting the plate to put in her bike spokes.
 Jilliana getting in to it for her first 4th of July

 Silly Lyla

 Getting ready for the parade
 Cute baby at the parade

 In line for the body painting after the parade
 Snow cones after the parade

 Happy 4th!

 At the fireworks

 We got Jilliana on the cars but when she found out I wasn't going that was the end of that ride!

 Lily and Liem
 Daddy and Jilliana
 Jennifer and Meilynn
 Oh this was so funny.  Lily and Lyla went out on these boats alone.  They got their boat turned around and could not figure out how to go.  After trying to tell them what to do the worker had to jump in with them to get them back.
 Getting boat driving lessons.
 Not loving the log ride
 Lily talked Jeff in to taking her on this ride
 The group on the way to the beach
 Beautiful kids

 Emma learned to boogie board on this trip
 So did Liem and Lily

 And Lyla
 I love this one even though you cannot see Lyla's face, you can see her happiness
 And Meilynn too!

Friends and Sisters
We miss you!


Anonymous said...

sooooo much fun for my little girls with their precious little friends.

Jennifer Taylor said...

love all of the pictures! thanks for everything, we had a blast!

China Dreams said...

That's wonderful! I've tried to find our son's brother but with no luck. However, the daughter that is joining us this fall has a sister already here in the states and we plan to get them together.


K said...

This looks like such fun! I hope that one day Jie Jie and I can meet all of you. I thinking of a trip to San Diego to Sea World.