Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

This is just some glimpses of things from the last two weeks.  I always come up with these wonderful posts in my mind that are really deep, but then when I find time to post I usually end up with a lot of pictures of just things that are a little of this and a little of that.  

 Last Saturday I woke up and made the gils Mickey Mouse waffles.  Mike was at the Men' Prayer Breakfast.  There are not many days when the girls get to just come down to breakfast and eat in their jammies, but this was one such day.
 This is what happens when one distracted mother pours syrup into the waffle iron instead of waffle mix!  I can tell you it was a mess.  I did just wipe it out and went on cooking, since only one waffle can be made at at time and I still had two more to make.
 Kami came over one day to tie dye with the girls.  The girls know that when Kami comes over that fun happens.
 Jilliana was playing at the water table in her underwear.  She was just excited as the other girls to select which colors for Kami to put on her shirt.  Kami was using gloves but the dye leaked through to her fingers.  Her fingers were blue!  Now, normally this would not be a big deal, except that she had a black tie affair that night!  We looked up on the internet how to get dye off of your hands and most of the suggestions (all involving bleach with no guarantee that it would work) were brutal.  I finally found where someone suggested using the Mr. Clean eraser (we use that a lot) and it took most of it off without taking off her skin.
 We met Grandma at the Church and she gave Jilliana her own "Bitty Baby".  She has been carrying Emma's baby Ming Jing around and so Grandma bought her one.  This is the 5th Bitty Baby that Grandma has bought.  (Lily has another doll and has never been very interested in dolls)
 Jilliana at swimming lessons.  We are taking the Mommy and Me classes to get her used to the water.  She is not too crazy about getting water in her face, but we have a pool and she needs to be pool safe.
 Haven't we had crazy weather.  One minute we have summer like days and the next we have snow ten minutes away!
 The girls are loving it!
 Meilynn getting snow to take home in the ice chest.
 Lily with her contribution
 Jilliana comes from a province with snow, so we know it is not her first time seeing it.  In fact it was snowing one of the days we were there.
 The girls filled the ice chest and then the next day we had a snow ball fight in our backyard.

 You may remember that Mike broke his scapula in December riding his dirt bike.  He belongs to a motorcycle club that gives this "trophy" when someone gets hurt.  It has the names and what happened on it.  You keep it until you can pass it on to the next person that gets hurt.  He was happy to get it off of his hands and pass it on.  (Not happy that someone else got hurt, but happy he did not have to have it anymore)
 My new laundry solution.  Laundry is out of hand around here.  So I decide that I would get four buckets, one for each of the girls.  They stack into each other (bought them at Target) so they don't take of too much room.  When I do laundry I pull them out.  As I take the things out of the dryer, the girls ,if they are here sort them and then we fold the clothes together and then they put them away.  It is much easier to have a bucket already sorted than to fold their clothes and separate them as I fold them.  I am thinking of just making one big sock drawer for the three little ones since they wear the same size.  This would cut down on me sorting the socks which takes the longest.  I am open to suggestions, since we are a new big family and I am trying to figure out what works.
 Jilliana at the girls school open house making a marshmallow sculpture


Anonymous said...

next time you get dye on your hands.. use comet toliet bowl cleaner.... we use that every time.. it gets the dye right off.. strange, but it works !:)

Mel said...

I don't know if this would work for you...or maybe you're already doing it! We each have two dirty laundry hampers...stowed in closets or under beds. As soon as the clothes come off, pockets get emptied, they are turned right side out, and dark colors go in one hamper while light colors go in the other. I still go through pockets again just to make sure before I toss it in the washer, but they are already sorted by color and with them turned right side out I can check for stains.

China Dreams said...

The weather has been especially crazy this month, I think.

I'll bet you didn't enjoy being a "trophy wife", either.


Vicki said...

China Dreams, I had to go back and read my post to see what you meant about "Trophy Wife". You are right it was not much fun being the "Trophy Wife". Taking care of a hurt man is worse than a hurt baby. (Don't tell Mike!)

Anonymous, Isn't that toilet bowl cleaner hard on the hands?

Mel, Thanks for the suggestion, but that will not work for us. We had a laundry chute put in the girls bathroom when we re-modeled so I would not have to carry the clothes baskets down the stairs (I wish we had the reverse to send them back up) Sorting the colors before is not the hardest part for me. I just go in the laundry room and throw it into piles. It is folding all those clothes that are the same size and getting them into piles. That is why I am trying my new system. Now I can throw it into the baskets, even if I don't have time to fold right away and it is already sorted. It is working so far! Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it!

Deb said...

Hi, my name is Deb Everly. I found your blog because we are adopting a SN little girl from China!
I agree with the laundry issue, the sorting after is the most time consuming. I have 6 kids at home right now. To make my laundry easier I combine only 2-3 kids clothes together in a load. Then the older ones can put their own laundry away. I only have to help with the younger ones. It's easier to tell what is who's when it's not all combined!
Love your blog. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride! I told my social worker that I have been better "educated" by reading blogs of people who are in the process than by all the materials I got on the DVD we did!e (We adopted from Guatemala 3 years ago, but all the China stuff is new to us.)

Anonymous said...

To solve our sock problem, I purchased a large bag of diaper pins from amazon in various colors. We call them sock pins :) When the socks come off they are pinned together then put in the laundry. Everyone has there own color so when they come out they know whos they are and they are already matched :) Even if the socks were shared it eliminates the job of sock matching!

Your girls are beautiful!!

Vicki said...

I love the idea of the sock pins!!!!!!! No more singletons (as I call the singles that keep coming out) I can't wait to try your idea. I am going to amazon right now to look for the pins!

Thanks! Vicki