Friday, August 29, 2008

Emma Turns Three- Part 1, The Cake

I cannot believe that our little Miss Tippy Tail has turned three.  Yes, on August 28 our Emma turned a big three years old!  It was a very tough decision for her to decide on her theme.  We went from Backyardigans to Dora to Cinderella, to Disney Princesses.  Finally the decision was made for the Disney Princess Party.  As you all know we have been living in our Motor Home in Oceanside while our house is going through its makeover.  We decided that Grandma's house would be the best place for the party since everyone loves going to her house and everyone in our family lives near her.  We drove up on Saturday so I could make the cake.  With a princess party you need a castle cake.  I had spent the week looking on line for ideas on a castle cake.  I finally narrowed it down to three and took ideas from all of them.  I bought a new pan but when I got to my Mom's house I discovered that the pan didn't fit in the oven!  So I had to improvise and use several cake pans which made making the cake take  hours as I had to make each cake one at a time and then wait for it to cool.  I used 4 cake mixes!  There were moments when I didn't think it was going to work out, but although no professional looking it turned out to be a really fun cake and Miss Tippy Tail thought it was the most beautiful cake in the whole world and that is what counted the most!
Meilynn and Emma in their new birthday dresses with the cake in the background. Party's are so much fun! Sisters Meilynn Emma and Mommy The Party Girl,  I think this was her third outfit of the day.  She loves to change her clothes and has very definite opinions about her hair and clothes.  Oh no that does not bode well for the teenage years! The round was to big to fit on the two 9x13's so I had to cut it down. Forming the castle towers At about 11:00 that night we found out that we would have to bite the top off of every tower to fit the flags in.  My sister proudly took on that part of the job.  Notice that Miss Emma could not go to sleep and was still up! The morning of the party.  I was still putting last minute touches on the cake. The Castle Cake


Lori and Pete said...

Happy Birthday to Emma!! The castle cake is adorable. We also live in CA and have two Chinese daughters. Ours are 9 months apart. My Chloe sounds like your Emma when it comes to clothes and hair. Like you, we adopted the older one second.

Love the pictures!

Lori W

Jewel4dug said...

Your cake was scrumptious!!!!
Julie S