Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food Fight, Meilynn sick for the 1st time etc.

It has been a really tough two weeks. I took Emma to the Dr. again for her bottom but this time we did not see our Dr. and it really was a worthless visit except that she said I could try the steroid for the eczema on her bottom. I did and it cleared up in three days. It was few for a few days and then it is back again this morning. You are really shouldn't use the steroid in the bottom area so I am not sure what to do now. I coated her with Desitin again. The culprit might be the new flushable wipes we are using........? I am making it to boot camp every morning but I am just dragging by the end of the day and I haven't really modified my eating habits so not much improvement. Mike got home from Australia and I was so happy to have him home. I think this has been the toughest 10 days of my life! Then Meilynn woke up with a tummy ache for the first time. She was really pale and didn't want to eat. She thew up at the breakfast table in her bib. Seeing that the bib worked so well I decided to keep her in a bib that day. She laid on the couch and had 7 up for the first time. She didn't get sick anymore that day and just laid around in the morning and then after nap was back to her usual self. She was upset that Emma went to Tumble Tots and she had to stay home! I was upset too because Kami had offered to take the girls on a picnic after Tumble Tots so that I could have a few hours alone but that didn't happen. I really needed that time!
Meilynn not feeling herself.
Emma helping Mommy do the dishes while Daddy was gone. I love the learning tour! The girls ready to go shopping. It was their first time with their own money. I gave them each a dollar, which by the way was a mistake. They kept taking them in and out of their wallets the whole day. I kept finding them on the ground and everywhere else. We finally found some cute bathing suits and they bought them with their dollars. I was never so happy to see money go! They look so cute with their purses. Love those shades After shopping Grandma and Aunt Debbie stopped by and helped me catch up on the folding of the laundry. With Mike gone and Emma having her problem and my boot camp I was barely making it through the day. Let alone getting the Laundry folded.The girls waiting for me to make dinner.And not so patiently
Spring Day Before Meilynn got her blood tests. A beautiful sunny day perfect for a drive. Meilynn waiting for Mommy to stop taking a picture so we can go on a walk. Could this angelic face really be involved in a food fight? With the weather being so nice I have been letting the girls eat outside. I was in the kitchen just for a minute catching up on the dishes when I heard the squeaky shoes running around. To my dismay I found my angels having a food fight. They were spreading yogurt and applesauce in their hair, on their arms, on their shirts. I was sooooo mad. I made them disrobe outside and then straight to bed for naps. As I am sitting here typing this I am listening to the baby monitor and I am hearing the words "no diaper" so I need to go check and see what that is about...........O.K. They both just decided to remove their diapers and throw them out of their cribs! Mommy is not a happy mommy today! I put new diapers on them and told them these better not come off. I have had a few people e-mail me that It seems like it is so easy, let me tell you having virtual twins is something that only a mother of virtual twins could understand. The mischief that they can get in together is something that I have never experienced with my older daughters. But I have to say I would not want it any other way. There are those special moments when they are so tender and loving to each other. That would be yogurt and applesauce on Meilynn's arm.More of the same And more! I think that Meilynn won this fight because Emma had it in her hair and all over her back and on the back of her shirt. Meilynn only had it on her arms and face! I couldn't take too many pictures because I didn't want them to think this was a good thing. Instead they got an angry mommy with a camera!


Ray and Heather said...

Wow, you have been busy! Personally I don't how you do it, but hang on to those special moments for all they are worth! I bet these two have a very special relationship as they get older. In the mean time, good luck just trying to keep up. I have a hard time with one, can't imagine 2 the same age! LOVE the sunglasses! Too cute as always! :)

Anonymous said...

hi vicki! you don't know me, but i look at your blog a lot. i have a 9-year-old adopted daughter from china. your girls are just adorable! the reason i'm writing is because of emma's eczema. i had joined an eczema email group because my daughter april had it pretty bad for years. lots of good advice. if you're interested, this is the email to subscribe.

i hope you can find some help! i know how miserable it can be for both of you!

Peoria, AZ

Jill W said...

Great pics! I love the purses & shades. My youngest son had terrible eczema. The doctor told us to put an ointment called 'triple paste' on his bottom. We had to get it from the pharmicist--it was not on the shelf but we did not need a script for it either. It was so sticky we had to put it on with popcicle sticks(recommended method by the dr). It did the trick. I hope it gets better soon.

Joe and Jane said...

Vicki, I have to agree! I don't know how you do it. (We're a fellow June Jitterbug family.) Our kiddo Jia makes me so tired just by herself! We're about to get her baby sister and I'm nervous! If you have tips, let me know!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I hope you find some relief for the eczema. Please post if you do. Olivia scratches so badly that she draws blood. We've not found anything yet that works.

I'm the mom of virtual twins so I HEAR YA!! By the way, I love those long bibs...may I ask where I could get one for Olivia?