Thursday, September 11, 2008

From the Motorhome to the Beach House

Reflections on our time in the Motor Home:  I learned a few things while living in our motor home for 5+ weeks.  First is that you can get by with a lot less than you think you can.  I even had clothes that I did not wear during that time.  You don't need as many kitchen gadgets as you think you do. Gymnastics should never be done in a motor home.  Keep the girls fingernails short.  Being that close together can get on every one's nerves after awhile!  We had a beautiful place to stay close to the beach but I was so ready to get out.  The last week everything just kind of came to a bursting point.  The girls were not napping and going to sleep at night was becoming more difficult for the girls.  Even with getting out to the beach, swimming, gymnastics class and Chinese language class the close quarters were getting to us.  Their behavior was getting worse.  Emma was getting back at Meilynn's teasing with her fingernails and hitting. Behaviors that I thought we were over were coming back.  Emma was doing her gymnastics off the  couch in the motor home and getting hurt.  Mike and I had no time when we could be alone together.  I will have many fond memories but I am glad to be here at the beach house where we can spread out a little.
My Mom and Dad came for a visit one day.  We had a great day.  This is where the girls played in the day.  We brought down their little play kitchen and a lot of toys so they would feel at home. Here they are on one of the bike rides that we took.  Emma on the left and Meilynn on the right.  Meilynn is sporting a new helmet that swoops down in the back.  I think it makes it hard for her to sit in the bike trailer.  Emma's is too small.  She got a new one for her birthday. We went to the new Aquarium at Lego Land.  Emma was afraid of the lego characters.  She has trouble with mannequins, statues, sculptures, and now that Halloween is here just about every store has some set up that she is terrified of.  We are working through this with her.  I tell her she can look the other way, cover her eyes, etc.  It is so sad to be in the grocery store and hear her scream, "Mommy cover my eyes."  "Lets go Bye, Bye"  "Mommy take me away from the scary things."  She remembers what stores have statues and does not quit talking about them.  Our favorite type of food is Thai and most Thai restaurants have a statue of a Thai girl with praying hands.  It doesn't look scary at all but Emma is terrified of it. She is aware of every store that has a statue.  Try going to any store without encountering some kind of a figurine.  It is not easy!  We did have a good time at the Aquarium as long as I didn't take her to any exhibits with Lego Characters in the tanks.
Meilynn posing with the Lego mom and baby.  Emma was screaming and  shaking next to me.
Looking at the fish. The girls first experience in a fast food playground.  They were a little timid at first but soon got into the swing of things. At the beach with Daddy and Grandpa One night at the pier The sun was bright Mae, Mae came down with her friend to visit us in the motor home.  The girls put makeup on her. I told you things were getting rough.  Meilynn decided to decorate the sheets and bedspread in the motor home with pen during her nap.  Living in such close quarters things like a pen that would not have been in their bedrooms at home were easily accessed.   I kept finding things that she drew on.   She wrote all over her shirt and her pillowcase and later when I gave her a shower I discovered that her tummy also had her creative work on it. Eating in the motor home
I am ashamed to show this, but by the end of our time it was hard to keep this small area organized.  This is also the area they slept in on the fold out couch. The shoe spot

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I am happy you are at the beach house . Looking forward to having you home again and the girls will have a nice play room. Enjoyed the pictures
Love you all