Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meilynn's Re-adoption

On June 11th we had Meilynn's re-adoption.  California does not require a re-adoption but we decided that we wanted to cover all bases.  She will now have birth certificate that is just like the other kids and if we ever lose it, it is easy to get another one.  If we had just kept the birth certificate from China it would be really difficult to get another copy if anything ever happened to her original.  Re-adoption also guarantees inheritance rights and if we were ever to move to a state that requires re-adoption it would be done.   So on June 11th the whole family went to our local court house and made it official again.  We were just there last July to do Emma's re-adoption.  We didn't know that we were allowed to bring a camera so we regretted that we did not have pictures for Emma.  We made sure to have our camera this time.  We told Meilynn that it was her special day but I know she had no idea what was happening.  I could only imagine that she thought that we might be taking her back.  She seemed so unsure and did not break a smile until we left and went for a celebratory bagel.  It was all very quick.  We had to swear that we were who we said we were and that we would tell the truth.  The Judge asked us if we promised to love Meilynn and love and raise her as our daughter.  Of course we said yes!  She already is our daughter!  And then he asked us if we we understood that she would have all the same rights as a biological child including inheritance rights.  Yes!  He asked both of our older daughters if they agreed with the adoption and would accept her as their sister.  Kami said, "We already have and do."  Then we just signed the papers and it was over.  Meilynn acted like if I don't look at the Judge then everything will stay the same. She wouldn't talk or smile.  It was all over very quick and then we went to the car and then Meilynn started crying.  We had told her that as soon as she got to the car she could open her special gift from Grandma.  She was saying, "special gift" but we couldn't understand her.  Finally we figured out the problem and she opened the gift and all was well.
The whole family with our Judge. Daddy signing the papers.
Meilynn wondering what we are doing and when can we go home.
Listening to the Judge. Mommy signs the papers.
Opening Grandma's gift
Grandma gave Meilynn a beautiful cross just like the one that she gave Emma last year.

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CQ-VN~mama said...

What a beautiful family! And what a happy, happy day! Congratulations, Meilynn and her Forever Family.

Sue Bachman