Thursday, July 05, 2007

Meilynn's Family Baby Shower and Getting Ready For It

Today is Meilynn's Family Baby Shower. Mommy and me spent the morning getting the house ready. I helped her sweep, mop, and vaccum. Oh No! I spilled my Cheerio's!Mommy said to pick them up.There are so many! Uhm.......I think eating them might be faster than picking them up!What? You don't want me to eat off the floor?Alright, I will use the broom.Daddy in the middle of everyone getting ready.Mommy's shower helpers, Debbie and JulieThey played this game where there was a baby frozen in an ice cube and whoever could get their baby out first was the winner. My Aunt Diann, Cousins Kortney and Kelsie were sucking on them and blowing on them. They looked so funny!But my Grandma Jeanie was the winner. She just tucked that baby between her breasts and won! I didn't know the party was going to be x-rated! My cousing Brooke drew a picture of Meilynn.
And we had this surprise guest. Daddy was out fixing sprinklers and came across this. We have never had a raccoon at our house before! It growled at Daddy. He almost stepped on it. My sister Mei Mei made up this game where teams raced to China to get to Meilynn. They had to answer questions about Meilynn and the adoption. Mei Mei was in charge of the shower! I can't figure out when we get to the shower part? Everyone was having a fun time!My Aunt Debbie, my 2nd cousin Stacy, my Great Aunt Claudia, and my Mom's friend Julie.
My Mom's friend Julie picked out these really pretty napkins and plates. My Mom's friend Debbie got the cake and flowers.
Everyone left and I would not let go of the Dora backpack my Grandma and Grandpa bought for me. It was so much fun but I was very tired. Meilynn got so many nice gifts even though you didn't have to bring a gift. And the best part was that I also got gifts! It was a great party.
Emm's mom here. Thank you to my daughter Meghan for making Meilynn's shower so special and to my friends Debbie an Julie who probably never thought they would be having baby showers for their friends at this age! And to Aunt Stephany for capturing it all in photos. These photos are the ones I took but I can't wait to see Stephany's. Thanks to all my family for welcoming Meilynn into our family. And Kami I know you would have been here if you could have.


Lilly said...

How very exciting!!!!! I would love to see some pics of everything you got. :) And of course, all the other preperations for Meilynn. Such as your double stroller, new car sear, etc. :) This is such an exciting time!!

Vicki said...

Thanks Lily, In Meilynn's slide show I have pictures of the double stroller and high chair, and cribs. The carseat is in the box still, but I guess it is time to take it out! Vicki