Monday, July 02, 2007

Frazzled Mother Breaks Down Barricade!

Our house sits at the end of our street. Right next door used to be an empty field, but for the last two years they have been getting ready to build houses there. So at the end of the street sits a barricade like this one. This is not the actual barricade. It sits right next to where our driveway comes out. Across the street someone is building a new house and the workers always park right across the street from our driveway. So to get out of my drive way I back out and slightly turn the rear end left towards the barricade. Oh and there is also a fire hydrant across the street that I also have to avoid. So this morning I had two errands to run one of which I was dreading. First I had to take my visa papers to fed ex and send them off and then I had to take Miss Tippy Tail to get a blood test. We are trying to get everything done for her two year physical before we go to China. Miss Tippy Tail is smart enough to remember the building that she gets her physcials and blood tests. So I am praying as I back out that all goes well and that she doesn't freak out too much when CRASH! I hit the stupid barricade. Now I have been successfully avoiding it for two years, but someone had moved it out a little so they could squeeze through the fence. I try to pull forward and it is stuck on my car!!!! I get out and the middle board is scraping against the paint and the back lights and the bottom board is stuck between the wheel well and the tire! And the metal at the bottom is bent and under my tire. Of course a man is not at home when you need him most! I try to move backward and I hear more scraping so I see that the board needs to be cut out. And the carpenters are working across the street. I go over (I feel like a stupid blonde) and say Whoo Hoo! Umm ..Could you help me over here? They are on the second story and looking at me very weird. They come down and I explain the situation and they come over and take a look. One goes back to get his saw and they cut the board so that I can move. (mind you I think that it is kind of their fault since they parked right behind our driveway) so I thank them and I am off to the Dr.'s. Miss Tippy Tail's Bandage The Reward! Back Home with Dora.

Feeling better already

Oh, and when I got home the workmen had moved their truck. I guess they decided that I might be hitting that next!!!! This is my day so far!!!

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