Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Few Funny Things From Today

Who could resist this backpack? I had to order two of course. I plan to use them on the plane for the girls toys and things. If you haven't vistited the Crazy Dazy they have some really cute things. I also ordered one of the ladybug growth charts to put in their bathroom.
We have not officially started potty training but we are talking a lot about the potty and we do have potty books and pottys for Emma to try out. Yesterday morning Emma came into the bathroom with me so I brought her potty. We both sat there reading our books. So today when I was in the kitchen, in comes Miss Tippy Tails with her potty and a magazine. So I guess we are off to a good start. She knows that reading materials are required. Now if only she had, had her diaper off!Mom!!!! Are you putting this on the blog?What do these look like to you? Tongs? Nope, only one of the greatest toys that we played with today. I was in the kitchen and started making the tongs talk to Emma and then I chased her around with the Tongs. You would have thought it was the best toy invented, the way she was laughing and running. Ummm, maybe I should patent tongs as a toy? She loved when I grabbed her dress!We had so much fun! She wasn't so sure about the ear! The other day I was at the dollar store. I found this little red chair for $1 that I thought would make a great "time out" chair. I picked it up and Emma wanted to carry it. She fell in love with it. She carried it down every isle and when I stopped to look at something she sat in it. Everyone would wallk buy and laugh and make comments about her bringing her chair since I take so long to shop. She even sat in it in the check-out line and would not let the cashier take it. So now I am thinking, " I don't think it is good that she likes her time-out chair so much." She insisted on sitting in her car seat with it in her hands and even fell asleep with it. So yesterday I had the occasion to use it. I can't even remember the reason. I put it in this corner and had her sit on it one minute . She was crying lightly. Then I explained to her the behavior that sent her there. Today I picked the chair up and moved it so it would be out of the way. She ran and got it and put it back in the corner sat on it and pretended to cry. She never ceases to amaze us with her brillance and sense of humor. I went out to the grocery store to buy things to make a pie for the fourth of July and this is what I come home to.
Two wanna-be Rock Stars!!

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Anonymous said...

like mother like daughter...jeez mom...was it really necessary to put stuff about your bathroom habits on the blog? I'm sure the whole adoption world really wanted to hear about that! However, it was a cute story! Actually, I was cracking up reading this blog entry! Love the rockin pics from guitar hero as well!