Sunday, May 28, 2006


On Saturday we finished packing except for just a few things still in the laundry. We are taking one big suitcase( the one pictured in bright blue at the bottom of this picture. It holds my clothes, Emma's clothes, Emma's diapers, some of Emma's formula, Cheerios in those Pringle cans, etc. On the top left is Mike's medium sized suitcase. It has toys for Emma, all the office type stuff (pen, white out, stapler, paperclips, rubberbands etc) Emma's Hip Panda (carrier) and Mike's clothes. These will be our two check in suitcases. The one on the right at the top is a carry on that just makes size (I hope). It has all of the bottles, bowls, spoons, more formula, medicines for Emma, medicines for us, things for washing clothes (clothes line, soaps), things for washing bottles, (nipple brush, bottle brush, inflatable sink, tongs etc.), bath supplies for Emma, diaper bag supplies, baby wipes and on and on! Here is a picture of the suitcases. In additon to this Mike will carry a backpack (his carry on) that will hold all the electronics (video camera, digital camera, ipod and speakers, extra batteries, etc) and the all important dossier and papers. He will carry the lap top in it's case as his personal item. I will have the small case pictured above as my carry on and a diaperbag backpack that for this part of the trip will hold my toiletries and things for the plane. Whew! Another view of the suitcases! Emma, here we come! Only 3 more days until we leave and only and only 8 days until you are in our arms. Today you are 9 months old! We will meet you when you are 9 months and 8 days old. I wish we could have come sooner baby!


Mardi said...

What a miracle adoption is... I get tears in my eyes reading your blog. Even though I don't know you, I am soo excited for you. As I wait in anticipation for the day I hold Lauren in my arms, I am grateful for your blog that has allowed me to peek into my future! I will keep you in my prayers as you travel.


Vicki said...

Thanks Mardi, I would have not made it through the waiting process if it wasn't for people like you that I don't even know. The people on my DTC group and the internet have been my greatest supporters throughtout the whole process! Thanks Vicki

Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...

Looks like you're all ready to go! I stare at my suitcases everyday wondering how the heck I'm going to fit all that I need into them so you've given some hope! I can't wait to follow along in your journey!

Safe and happy travels,


Ed and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! You are soooo organized! I didn't think of half of the stuff you have packed! And I love the Pringle can idea!!

I am getting very emotional (I have been doing that alot lately! ha!) reading your posts... I know you are leaving in a few days but reading it.. wow! I am sooo excited for you and trying not to get too excited for me yet as we are LID June 29th... Only God truly knows when we are on our way. : ) But since He always has things under control I am doing okay. : )

Can't wait to track your trip... enjoy!!

Fellow Jitterbug

Vicki said...

Thanks Lisa! I have no original ideas here. All of them are from packing lists of people before me. I started saving them in the beginning and just put them all together! vicki

Julie and Chris said...

Hooray Vicki! I am so happy for you to finally meet your sweet Emma! Thanks for sharing pictures of all you packed. We are waiting for our Emma referral in the late June batch, so it is so fun to follow along with someone just ahead of us. Praying your trip is wonderful!

Julie S.

Shana said...


Yay! You are leaving tomorrow!!!

I am so very happy and excited for you! I just can't wait to see Emma in your arms!

Congratulations, and have a magical trip- I know you will!

Hugs, Shana :)