Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby Shower

Last night my daughter Kami, my sister-in-law Stehphany, my best friends Julie and Debbie had a baby shower for Emma. The shower was actually planned for tonight, but when we found out our travel arrangements they had to change it to May 30. I can't tell you how proud I am of my daughter for all the effort and hard work that went into her planning this shower. I know now that she will be able to handle just about anything that life throws her way. She made sure that I didn't have to do anything so that I wouldn't be stressed out before leaving. Kami, I just want you to know how wonderful I think that you are. You have such a loving, compassionate spirit. I love you! Here is one of the cakes with our little Emma on it. Who could eat that cake? Here are Kami and Meghan leading us in a game! They asked questions of Mike beforehand about raising children and about our experiences with Kami and Meghan when they were little. They video taped his answers. At the shower they would ask me a question. Here is an example. How many diapers does a baby use in a day? Then the guests would guess what the answer was and write it down. I then answered the question, which of course was 12. Then they would play Mike's answer, which of course was also 12! And if they guessed right they got a point. It was the best shower game I have ever played! Mike was so cute with his answers. The big one he got wrong was what Emma's name means! The deserts were awesome. This one was a favorite. Missy from my soccer team made it! I will have to get the recipe, because so many people want it. So Missy send me the recipe! Here we are waiting for things to begin. So many people came! I am such a lucky person to have so many people that care. My Mom had so many friends come in support of her. I had friends from Church, friends from soccer, friends that became friends along the way becuase they were friends of friends, family, Marlene who does my hair and just about eveyone elses hair that was here. Friends that have been friends as long ago as being at my baby shower for Kami and Meghan, friends that I have worked with etc. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting us as we begin our new journey in our lives. We appreciate all the love and support that you have given us. I want to especailly thank my daughters for being such special people. You are everything that I have ever hoped for. If you had not made parenting such a joy, I don't know if this is something that we would be doing again. I love being your Mom and I am so excited that you get to share in this time with me. I love you girls!


Dawn said...

Congratulations as you begin motherhood all over again! How awesome of your daughter to do this for you. I cannot wait to hear about your visit in China!

Anonymous said...

vicki I loved your shower. Great job girls. Every thing was so nice. Emma you are gong to look so pretty in all your outfits. Well Vicki and Mike the big day is here. You be safe and we send our prayers and love as you leave to get our precious little gift from lGod.
Love Mom And Dad

Robin said...

What wonderful daughters (and friends) you have. Just wanted you to know we'd be praying for your family and Emma on your travels to and through China and back.

God Bless!

Allison said...

Hi Vicki--fellow June Jitterbug here....I want to know, what did you (Emma) get???? please Share!

LID 6.23.05

Jewel4dug said...

Awww this one made me cry,
I can't wait for you to bring Emma home so we can see her in all those cute outfits she got and rocking in that exersaucer. What a fun night this was!! We Stephensons love you Poma's very much.

Your buddy and Emma's favorite new lunch buddy